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The Tale of the Witch who Stole the Colour


Once upon a time before the world was very old, there lived a girl called Sarah. One day she was walking down the old, tumbledown cottage lane when she saw a strange woman,she asked,
"Are you new here I haven't seen you around. My name is Sarah Brooks."...

One day Sarah's mother had a beautiful boy called Tom.Sadly, when her mother had tom an evil, ugly witch appeared out of the blue.The witch snuck into the woods and stole the golden bell from beneath the shady trees...

As soon as the witch flew away, the color from the tumbledown cottage drained away. Meanwhile, the witch was sitting on her broomstick, swinging her legs and crying of laughter. Then off she flew to witch island.

Bravely, Sarah went to witch island and started searching hopefully for the bell that was rightfully hers. Suddenly, she saw a flock of sheep in the distance. Minding her own business, Sarah carried on searching, not knowing that the sheep were actually soldiers...

The witch saw Sarah arrive and in a hurry tried to hide the bell, but in all the commotion she dropped the bell and it bounced right out of the castle window and into Sarah's hands...

Sarah ran as fast as her little legs would carry her right to the towns palace. The guards captured the witch and she was never seen again...

Sarah returned to her village and hid the bell under her bed where no witch or wizard would ever find it. Just like that, all the beautiful and wounderous colors returned...

They all were so happy they through a gigantic celebration, congratulated Sarah on her bravery and called her a hero. They loved Sarah so much now the color was back.


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