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The 4 Twins

Băile Herculane, Caraș-Severin

There once lived a beautiful women Aliza with her 6 little twin girls in a little, stoned cottage covered in leaves and vines. Their cottage was placed in the West of Romania in the city of Băile Herculan in Caraș-Severin. The 6 little children all had rosy red cheeks and were all happy and playful.

One stormy day in the city of Băile Herculan fulfilled with rain, thunder and lightning Aliza's husband got very stressed from the storm since their cottage wasn't strong enough and wasn't any protective and unfortunately died. The storm continued howling while the 6 little children were crying and Aliza their mother was sitting in a little corner in the house crying even louder.

In 1947 when Aliza's six little twins turned 5, Aliza's cottage begin to damage. The vines started falling, the roof started cracking and the windows started breaking. It was getting very old and rusty. Aliza thought of moving somewhere in town where there were people and they could communicate more. Because they were very lonely now that her husband had died.

One afternoon, Aliza had a call with the headmaster of Băile Herculan (Dave Johnstone) and talked to him about her cottage and how old and damaged it was getting. The headmaster then accepted the fact and helped Aliza move into a small bricked castle which didn't look very nice.
The head master then told Aliza about the other women living in that castle. Her name was Elizabeth and she had twin girls named Lilith and Beranda. Lilith and Beranda had long black hair with sharp blue eyes they had a fringe which covered their eyes but the colour of their eyes was so blue and sharp that you could see it through their fringes. They were identical twins.
"Oh she has twins! like me! So I have to share the castle?" said Aliza. The headmaster then replied saying that she did have to share which would make her not lonely anymore. Aliza's six little girls were very excited to see Elizabeth's twins and so was Aliza herself.

The next morning Aliza started packing all of her stuff and the children helped her pack with excitement. They then waited for Elizabeth to pick them up as they were told to. They waited with their suitcases, bags and boxed infront of their cottage, waiting and waiting. The children were starting to get bored as they waited. "Won't be longer" said Aliza to her children. As they stared at the blank thin street they saw a small colourless car coming from far away. Aliza squinted her eyes and looked more to see if it was a car. "They're here! They're here!" said one of Aliza's children. The car stopped infront of the cottage and there was nobody inside.

Aliza told the children to stay where they were and dropped the suitcases she was holding and went closer to the car. She couldn't see anyone. She closed her eyes for 5 seconds and then opened it again and saw them! She screamed and went back to the cottage. Elizabeth had long black hair like her twins but no fringe. She had blue eyes and freckles all over her cheeks. She came out the car and told them to get in. They did as she said. They then drove down to the castle. The twin where not in the car. They stayed at the castle. Elizabeth did't talk for the whole drive. Aliza wanted to start a conversation but she was scared to. When they got to the castle, Elizabeth helped carry the suitcases and boxed to the castle. They all got in the castle and Elizabeth told Aliza to follow her into her room. They went up and up carrying the suitcases. Aliza's girls carrying a suitcase and box each. They went to the top of the castle and Elizabeth showed Aliza her room that she had to stay in with her 6 children. "Thank you." said Aliza.

Aliza begin unpacking as it got darker. The 6 children started asking their mum where Elizabeth's twins were. "Why don't you children go downstairs and ask Elizabeth were her daughters are?" said Aliza to her children. The children ran out the door with excitement down the stairs from the top of the castle and begin calling Elizabeth's name. They saw Elizabeth sitting down on the old wooden table having tea. Elizabeth looked at them angrily. "What is it?" she said. "We wanted to know where your daughters are! The 2 twins!" said one of the cute little daughters of Aliza with the fat cheeks. "They are in there room" said Elizabeth. The children knocked on every single room in the castle but couldn't find the twins.

The next day, the 6 children woke up with excitement and ran out the door trying to find the twin girls. Then suddenly one of the 6 twins screamed and got dragged into a small white closet that was placed in the corridor. The remaining 5 of the children slowly walked towards the closet with fear and knocked on it. No sound. No reply. The next morning Aliza asked the 5 of her children where the 6th one was. They said that she got dragged into the white closet in the corridor. Aliza then rushed into the corridor and didn't see a closet. "There ain't any closet!" she yelled to her 5 children. They went back to their room and locked the door and then saw the 6th twin sitting on the swinging chair swinging and not facing them. They went closer and closer to her and looked at her face. She had black long her and a fringe which covered her face.
"Is that Elizabeth's twins?" asked Aliza.
"No we are here." they then appeared the both of them standing by the 6th twin. Aliza was shocked and horrifed as the Lilith and Beranda held the 6th twins hand and walked away looking just the same the 3 of them. The next day, when they all woke up, one of the children were missing as Aliza counted them every morning. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4! "Only 4!" she shouted. Aliza got very angry and locked the door from the 4 remaining twins and went to Elizabeth and saw a letter on her way down the stairs. The letter said: "Dear Aliza, I've always wanted 4 identical twins. Always. It was my wish. I've took 2 of your daughters. I've moved from the castle so you can take it all for yourself with your 4 twins. Now we are just like each other. Both of us have 4 girls! I was jelaous of you having 6 so I took 2 of yours to make mine 4 and yours 4. Fair enough. Goodbye."

Aliza started crying and then saw a photo next to the letter which showed Elizabeth's twins and 2 of her own which had black wigs on. "My 2 daughters!!" she yelled.
After all that, Aliza stayed with her 4 other children in the castle which made noises every night. Her children kept telling Aliza, that they always saw the 4 Elizabeth's twins ghosts in the white closet.

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