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Odysseus and the Cyclops

Ithaca, Greece

Odysseus and his 12 men went to the island of the Cyclops. When they arrived Odysseus decided they should search for food .They discovered a cave and searched it ,they found food and ate it .Then Odysseus wanted to see what kind of creature lived in the cave so they hid and waited .

The creature came back with a herd of sheep and blocked the exit of the cave with a huge boulder . The creature called a Cyclops found Odysseus and his men and ate some of them because they had eaten all his food . Odysseus and what was left of his men came up with a plan to blind the Cyclops by stabbing his eye out with a sharp wooden stake whilst he was sleeping so that they could escape without him seeing them. The next morning the Cyclops woke up blind and let out his sheep which was the perfect time for Odysseus and his men to escape so they tied themselves underneath the sheep with rope ,as the Cyclops was feeling what was going out of the cave so Odysseus and his men wouldn't escape.

Once they had escaped they set off on their boat to try and get back home to Ithaca. when they started to sail off they shouted "you'll never catch us now " to the Cyclops. The god of the sea was the father of the Cyclops and was annoyed with what they had done so he cursed them so they would never return home to Ithaca and if they did family and friends would hate and forget all about them.

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