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The Great Walrus Fighter

St Helens, England

How many of you have wanted to be a great fighter? I know I have. Well there was once a fantastic fighter, however this fighter was not human. This fighter was a walrus fighter from the land of sunk. Now this was no ordinary land to get to this land you had to go through many dimension's.

One day a young man named Calvin road about the age of 18 came across a sign that said FORBIDDEN AREA KEEP OUT! Unfortunately, Calvin didn't want to keep out he wanted to see what was inside this forbidden area, so he walked in. What Calvin didn't realize is that this area was filled with dinosaurs from billions and billions of years ago, but the only dinosaurs that Calvin saw was on paintings, but there was one painting that stood out from the others because this painting was of a walrus .

A little while later Calvin found himself lost with nothing and nobody to help him. Soon Calvin found a little hut where he decided to spend the night. The next morning Calvin came out of his hut to try and find some food he found some apples , oranges and pears then he noticed something different about the forest.
" Where had all the paintings gone?" he asked himself, but as he turned round he soon found out. All the paintings has came to life! he was surrounded by dinosaurs but he was saved by a walrus with a golden sword. It was unusual to see but amazing at the same time, the walrus said " what are you doing here?!" asked the friendly and enraged walrus."
"Well I saw the sign and I thought that I might check it out,"
"Are you crazy! this place is haunted with paintings that come to life every day and im the only one who can stop them, your lucky I saved you."
"Sorry M.R walrus :( "
" Its to late for sorry now once you enter you cant get out! by the way call me Adie"
"Well M.R 'ahem' Adie what do we do?"
"Everything we can boy, everything we can."
"So what do you do when you've killed all the dinosaurs will you return back to your painting?"
"Not if someone's in the forest I wont." So the walrus and Calvin set off into the forest trying to find some way out of the forest however it was no use there was no way out.

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