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The Legend of Kind Mord

Wichita, Ks, America

This strange monster was formed by the cruelty of a God. It loosely resembles a cow, has a skeletal body, and is bound in chains. Said to have been seen recently around the Great Plains, Kind Mord, german for child slaughter, was discovered October 2nd, 1953 by a jayhawk by the name of John White.

Huntsman and beloved father, White was out on his farm when he sees a large cow figure walking towards him. He raises his rifle and gives the beast a second chance to back down. When the figure lurches forward, White shoots. No sooner the bullet goes through the foul beast, it races towards White's family home. John White was too late, he watches in horror as he watches the beast throw his wife to the ground, only to consume his only daughter's heart. The beast grabs White's daughter, and before it runs off it makes eye contact with White that seems to say "I haven't forgetten you."

After White wakes his unconscious wife, he calls the local police department, only to be told months later they recovered his daughters locket along with multiple other bloody limbs and mutilated corpses. Kind Mord has also been seen more recently, when teens go to local "make-out areas." The latest thing authorities have seen is a dashcam of a couple with a beast lumbering towards the car. If you have any other information, please call your local police department and flee the area FAST. Thank You.

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