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The Lights in the Sky

Long ago, when the land of earth was ruled by the higher gods from the sky, a child was born from the Goddess Lea; queen of all the gods. Lea was married to the ever powerful God Bastian - king of all the gods. The child was a girl named Leanna. Leanna was born with long fair hair, crystal blue eyes and dimples in her checks; her parents knew that when she grew up she would be a beautiful girl. As Leanna grew she knew she would one day have to marry another god of which her father had first choice.

When Leanna finally came to the age of 18, the suitors came day after day asking for her hand in marriage but she refused all of them in the hope that one day she would find true love. As days turned to weeks and weeks turns to years Leanna’s heart grew cold and dark with no one to love her.

One day as Leanna was wondering aimlessly through the green gardens she came across a large hole, she got onto her hands and knees and looked into it. Down below was sight she had never seen before, the middle world where the humans lived. Leanna had been told by her father that the middle world was a strange place and must never go there. As she stared into it and looked at the humans, she soon fell in love with the middle earth and the humans inside. In particular a fisherman named Elliott, he was free and opened minded as well as being brave and strong. Leanna lay there for hours observing Elliott and then made the final decision to go with him into the human world, abandoning her father’s dreams for her. She knew then that she had to go to Elliott.

With one last look she stepped inside the hole and went to him. Leanna and Elliott fell in love instantly and ran away together to the sea. They hid in a hidden cave with magic upon it so that it could stop any eyes (even gods) from looking in and finding them.

King Bastian soon found out that Leanna had left her god duties to go to middle world with a human. In a rage far fiercer than any other seen before he stormed around making a plan to try and find her. But no matter how hard he tried he could not find his dear Leanna. In one finale attempt King Bastian cast long streaks of light across the sky to try and light the middle world so he could search for them but it was no good. After each light he would shout her name but she was gone. Devastated and lost he went back to his kingdom to never see Leanna again.

Since then every so often King Bastian would try and find his lost daughter by lighting up the world and calling her name yet he never finds her.

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