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Helios and Selene: The night and the day

Mount Olympus, Greece

Before the stars, two gods ruled the skies. They were Helios and Serene. Night and day were the same thing so they knew each other well. They often fought each other to see who was the best.

One winter day, Selene said "Whoever can make that twig become a tree, rules all light."
"Game on," replied Helios. "I'll go first." Helios swooped down in his chariot and used a piece of light to make the twig start sprouting. Leaves, moss and fungi started to sprout on the twig and before they knew it, the twig was now a healthy looking oak.
"Hmm. . ." said Selene. She broke off a piece of the tree and started focusing on it. Although it took her a couple of weeks, she managed to get a healthier looking tree.
"Good game," congratulated Helios. "First to three?"

Selene nodded, thinking she could win it all. They found an old rose petal and made a flower, raised a man's dead son to life and all sorts of contests, but Selene always made the healthier looking one.
"Right, well I'll be waiting until it starts to get dark and then you can pop off and have a nap," said Helios. Selene nodded. When Zeus found Selene ruling the day-time he banished her, not knowing Helios was now ruling the night. "Selene said she was better than me!" lied Helios.

At that moment, Zeus banished her to the night and made Helios ruler of the day. Since everyone was asleep at night, Selene got very bored. She asked Epimetheus to craft her some friends, so he made owls and bats and stars for Selene. At least she had company now.

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