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How the Clouds Came to Be

Bozeman MT, United States of America

Now let me tell you story that has been told to me by my grandfather who heard it from his grandfather. This is how the clouds really came to be.

Once there was an old farmer. He had two sons that would help him work out in his fields. Their family was short of money and their crops were growing slow. They had one can of jelly that the farmers wife had made. To earn money for more food they decided to sell the can of jelly. So the two sons set off to the market in hopes of people who would have interest in their can of jelly.

When they did reach the market the first person they came to was anole hag. She had greasy hair and worts covering her face. She wasn't a pretty sight but she was worth a shot. So the two sons walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to bye their can of jelly. The old hag answered "I will buy your can of jelly on one condition. You have to bring this chest of bed padding to the monks of the nearest church. But don't open the chest no matter what! A reward will be waiting for you."

The two sons agreed and the old hag took the can of jelly and the sons took the chest of bed padding. They thought to themselves all the way there what monks would possibly need bed padding for. They were so curious to open the chest that they couldn't help themselves. They set it down and opened the chest. All of a sudden a whirl wind of white puffs surrounded them. They started to rise! they went up and up and up! Till the puffs separated and the two sons found themselves looking down to the world surrounding them were the white puffs, some looked darker than others and dripped water. This sight was terrifying but amazing at the same time for the two sons. They didn't know how to get down till the puffs lowered closer and closer to the nearby fields.

Everything was "foggy" and after a while the clouds rose back up after the two sons hopped off. Then they started to drip water and it became hard and more. the crops started to grow faster and looked healthier! Soon there was enough crops to feed their family.

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