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Psyche and Eros

Ancient Greece, Greece or Rome

Long ago in ancient Greece there lived a king and queen and they had three daughters. Of the three, Psyche, was the youngest. Gentleman from all around would court her. High above the clouds atop Mount Olympus, The Goddess Aphrodite, was becoming more jealous and angry at the young Princess because many had stopped bringing her gifts and praising her beauty.

The goddess determined to ruin Psyche's life. She called upon the oracle to lie to the king about who his daughter would marry. The king did go to the oracle to help his daughter. "You shall not have a man for a son in law but rather a horrendous beast."

Aphrodite's son, Eros, was doing his work shooting his arrow and accidentally hit himself. The first person he set eyes upon was the princess Psyche. A day later Psyche is summoned to a palace in the sky. She marries a man she has never even see before only in shadows. One one of her visits home Psyche's sisters are jealous of her riches and fine clothes. "You have not met your husband and have no idea what he looks like." said the first sister.
"He could be a horrid beast." Said the second sister. Psyche's curiosity got the better of her and so that night she crept into her husband's room with a candle. She was amazed not to see a beast but the son of Aphrodite himself. Eros! Psyche was so stunned that she forgot she was holding a candle over him. The wax on the candle began to melt an drip on him.
His eyes snapped open. "Why? have I done you wrong or treated you without love? Why have you done this? I only asked one thing of you. That you never see my appearance." with that he disappeared into the night. Psyche was so upset because she truly had loved him.

She went to the goddess Aphrodite for help and guidance. The goddess gives her three challenges. The first she finds a mixed mass of grains. "Separate them all into neat and orderly piles!" orders the goddess. A group of ants take pity on her and begin separating all the grains into different piles. When Aphrodite comes at dawn she is angry. She makes the second task even harder. "Go to the other side of the river and fetch me the golden fleece from the sun god's sheep." Psyche goes and is about to drown herself when a divine voice like the sweetest music gives her instruction on how to get the fleece.
Again the goddess is angry and makes the third task even harder. "go to the underworld and retrieve the pyxis. I need to replenish my beauty." She does so and again her curiosity wins. She opens the pyxis in hopes of furthering her beauty. She finds it empty and falls into a deep sleep. Eros finds her and takes her to mount Olympus asking Zeus to make her a goddess. He does. Psyche and Eros live the rest of their immortal lives on Mount Olympus.

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