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Moon and Sun

Forest, United States

One day, as Bear was walking along in the forest he heard Sun whisper to him,
“Hey Bear, I bet you can’t jump as high as I can!” Sun bragged. Bear paid no mind to him and walked back along the path.
“Hey Bear, let’s see who can jump higher!” said the Sun, bothering Bear again. Bear, annoyed at the competition, agreed to see who could jump higher.
Sun and Bear walked to the beach where they would have more room for their contest. As the word spread around the forest all the animals wanted to see who would win.

Bear stretched and warmed up so that he was sure he would be able to jump higher. Sun sat there impatiently as he waited for bear to be ready. Finally they were both prepped for the jump. They huffed and puffed and their legs shot up into the air! Bear only rose two feet from the ground, while Sun jump eight!
As Bear walked off with a grump, rabbit stepped up and challenged Sun.
“You think you can beat me? We’ll see!” Sun said with a sly grin.
Rabbit stretched and warmed up as Sun sat there waiting for rabbit to be ready. Then they were both ready and they jumped! Rabbit jumped four feet in the air, but Sun jumped nine feet! Rabbit grumpily hopped off.

“I am unbeatable! No one can jump as high as me! I am better than all you forest animals!” Sun bragged. This made the forest animals angry.

Days went by and Sun started to boss them around. When the animals refused to do his bidding Sun would threaten them.
“You will do as I say or I will jump so high and pound you into the ground!”
This frightened the animals so much that they felt they had no choice but to do his bidding. The Old Owl was so tired of it that he went to the suns brother, Moon. Moon was just as big as Sun, and Moon could jump as high as Sun, and Moon was just as powerful as Sun. But Moon was good hearted unlike Sun. Every animal could count on Moon to be truthful and kind.
“Oh dear great Moon, we are in need of your service! Your brother, Sun, has gained power over the forest animals and is making them do horrible things! If they do not do as he pleases he threatens them with great threats!” The Owl complained.
“I will need to deal with this at once!” Moon said as he rubbed his eyes from being awakened from his slumber.
Moon flew up to Sun with an angry look.
“I know what you have been doing to these poor animals and I will no longer allow you to do it any longer!” Moon told him. Sun was so frightened that he ran away!
Moon wasn’t going to let him rest, he chased after Sun! To this day you still see Moon chasing Sun. And once a year Moon is able to catch up with Sun, this day is now recognized as the solar eclipse. And once a year the sun is able to get a rest from Moon. This is now recognized as the lunar eclipse.

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