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Kidnapped Misty

Moshi Land, Moshi

Kidnapped Misty
This is a tale of a mermaid being kidnapped and very close to death. Now relax and let the myth begin.

One day there was a mermaid called Misty she was hanging out as usual with her best friend Anna. Suddenly Tbanka the witch came flying above them with a bag then Tbanka scooped up the beautiful Misty. After the ugly Tbanka did this, she flew back to her secret cave which nobody and I mean nobody ever knew about it.

Luckily Anna knew someone that could save Misty and that someone was SD which stands for Superhero Daisy. When SD arrived at the beach Anna told her what had happened to Misty. SD asked her if maybe she knows a little bit about the location of Tbanka’s cave but unfortunately she did not know anything about Tbanka’s cave. But SD did not give up she was determined to rescue Misty. So SD set off to find Tbanka’s cave but she did not know what was waiting for her to face.

While SD was flying over MM which stands for Moshi Mountain and MM is the place where SD lives. Below her SD can hear a terrible racket so she flies down into the forest to see what’s going on. She is feeling bewildered because SD has no idea about what’s going on. Finally she reaches the racket and finds out that the noise is people screaming then running in different directions for no reason. Then SD sees a horse but not just any old horse it was a ... headless horse. Now she knew why the people where screaming and running in different directions. After she sees the headless horse she flies back the way she came and thinks about how to defeat the horse with no head. On the way back she meets Zeus which gives her advice and special powers to defeat the beast. Mars gives her armour and a sword. Diana would try and make the beast blind by making the moon shine the brightest it can. Then Diana gave SD flying shoes of her own. The sword was for killing the headless horse and the shiny, polished shield was to see the horse’s reflection because if you looked straight in its eyes it would turn you into hard, solid stone. The armour was to protect SD when she was battling with the headless horse.

After the long battle with the horse, SD won. She didn’t go back and put the armour, shield and sword because she thought that she might need it later. SD is flying above the calm ocean. Suddenly a great big tenticle reaches its way to SD because it wants to capture her. She gets her sword out and carefully flies down then chops the sea monster’s tenticles. SD flies to SM which stands for Snowy Mountain because maybe Misty might be there. Just then a huge amount of snow was heading straight for her. Luckily she had winged shoes that Diana gave her so she flew away using her cape and shoes which made her fly very quickly. SD flew to TL which stands for Talking land where all the villagers talked a lot. In a cave at TL, SD hears cries for help. When SD enters the cave she sees Misty crying while Tbanka the witch looks for a spell to kill Misty in her spell books. SD asks Misty why she’s crying. Misty says that if she doesn’t give the magic comb to Tbanka she will die but she doesn’t want to die but also she doesn’t want to give Tbanka the Magic comb. So SD quietly tiptoes and grabs the key then unlocks the cage. Misty gets out of the cage and lets SD carry her to safety. At last Misty and SD arrive at the beach. Misty is much more than delighted to see her best friend Anna.
Now this is the end of the myth about a mermaid called Misty who is kidnapped and very close to death.

Thank you very much for reading my myth about Misty.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my myth.

Thank you

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