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Jack And The Mighty Dragon.

London, United Kingdom (UK)

Long ago in a majestic, colossal palace lived a audacious, lusty youth, whose sobriquet was Jack. He is the son of a powerful king dubbed as Hydra.

One day, Hydra's alluring spouse has mysteriously gone missing. Hydra was sure with no doubt that his wife-Jane has been captured by his evil enemy-The Combustion Dragon; The nefarious dragon always dreamed of having a beautiful lady, who would do all the work for him as a house maid. Hydra was very determined to get the beauty back, so he sent his burly son-Jack to rescue the lassie from the vicious dragon. King Hydra took out his pure golden foil and a highly-polished, gleaming shield and passed it carefully to Jack.

He strode off the palace and sailed in a cardinal, scorching ship navigating to an isle, which held a pitch-black queer cavern. He slowly took a wide step into the darkness of the grotto searching everywhere for his mum. Subsequently, there were blazing flames turning into a powerful, amazing cyclone. Forcefully, it swept away leaves, twigs and insects burning them too by sucking it into the endless hole. Jack held a firm gibber with his poor arms trying not to be puffed away. Then he hid beneath the boulder peeping at the suspicious tornado. The tornado transformed into a wild petrifying dragon with great inferno bright red wings that almost looked as burning hot as the morning sun.

Jack gazed with amazement and suddenly reminded himself that he has to save mum. His eyes rolled around the room trying to detect the female. The hideous dragon roared at stomped forwards as if he was coming to a room. Jack sneakily and curiously followed, tiptoeing like a quiet mouse. His eyes were in complete horror when he spotted Hydra's poor wife tied to loads of metal chains. He again hid behind a large rock because the vicious monster faced back. As the flying monster flew glided away, Jack quickly got out his special silver key trying carefully to unlock the chains. His mum slowly opened her eyes full of water all around it. She said "Jack... is that you?"
Jack answered " do you unlock this annoying chains.
"You cannot unbolt it, unless you defeat the vile monster behind you!" The woman screamed and fainted in a flash. Jack's head forcefully creaked backwards spotting a large angry face turning boiling hot scarlet. Jack suddenly stood up properly and daringly shouted "I won't be defeated by you!" The loud voice echoed and ricocheted in the grotto soundly turning into deadly words into the monster's sensitive ear. He growled and yelled "Bring it on little man, bring it on!!!"

Jack and the dragon was face to face now and they were circling about as if they were having a boxing match! Jack struck first with his shiny golden sword showing magical moves that tricked the monster in attacking in direction. Jack also pierced the sword into the heart smiling hopefully like a banana. There wasn't any effect, the monster was too strong and mighty so then Jack took a small break panting heavily like a hot dog. The monster spun around him making a fire circle which created lots of effect to Jack because it was extremely hot!!! The dragon smirked and growled violently and harshly pushing off poor burned Jack endlessly.

Jack took a deep breath and struck out his shield shouting "Time to get my ass into gear!" The wicked creature snarled and waited for it's opponent to attack hard. Jack jumped onto a gibber and dived into the dragon's gruesome body. It grinned and then chuckled madly; The dragon turned to pure fire. It showed an angry face and it turned to a super fiery typhoon. It blew everything and it only sucked Jack into the black endless hole. But it wasn't the end; Jack took out his hook and carefully climbed out. With all Jack's might and strength, he impaled the dragon's eye causing painful agony to it. Jack said "Who's laughing now?" Then he ran to the secret room trying hard not to look back which will distract him of course. He unlocked the chains and set his mum free. Just imagine now how happy they will be. Jack held hands tight with Hydra's wife and hopped onto the scarlet craft. Merrily they travelled home never to be seen by the dragon. When Hydra saw his pretty wife, a upside down banana turned into a normal banana. To celebrate, he and his family booked a holiday in a glorious hotel which is for him, his wife and most importantly, his son. And they all lived happily ever after.

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