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The Mystery Of The Missing Corsair

London, United Kingdom (UK)

Once upon a time in a majestic, golden palace lived a lion-hearted, muscular lad named Thomas. He was the only son of an opulent, jovial king dubbed as Harry.

One day when Thomas was watching some cartoons in his large sky television, a newsflash instantly interrupted the cartoons and appeared in the television. It was about an old buccaneer completely vanished, when a large violent wave pushed the ship upside down, frightening the crew who luckily managed to climb over the body. The pirate’s crew then spoke over the microphone. One shouted “We desolately need our best boss back!” Another sadly snivelled and said “Without him, our life would not be the same as the good times it used to be!”

“Poor guys” said Thomas. “There must at least be a good way to help them” he mumbled. Thomas’s head promptly hatched a clever idea. He sneakily crept past his parents, and got ready for the search for the missing freebooter. He travelled for about 10 miles still not giving up for the mystifying case. By the help of Thomas’s large eye, he spotted a gleaming, scarlet boat deserted in the pure sand. Thomas could hear some Eagles screeching and some dangerous waves crashing about. He slowly climbed aboard, putting a pirate hat on, so he looks more like a sailor. Thomas set sail detecting everywhere for the corsair. Subsequently, he navigated to a islet holding a pitch-black, misty cavern. Some scary spiders freaked him out a bit.

Thomas heard groaning and whimpering from somewhere near him. A half dead human came limping slowly to Thomas. “Lad, please help me escape from this horror show by defeating the vile hell-dragon in the inferno blazing room behind me” His voice suddenly croaked and choked down because he was in so much torment that he couldn't even talk much. A fiery door suddenly creaked open and a swirling cyclone suddenly appeared growing colossal. A gruesome face like a demon at the top of the tornado materialized at glared at Thomas chuckling menacingly.
“Who are you, and what have you done with this poor pirate.....answer me!!!” The voice echoed in the darkness making the creature vexed.
The dragon answered “It’s not of your fat business, you pathetic useless human!”
Thomas fumed and grabbed his mighty robust weapons and pointed it out to the fiend.
“If you don’t tell me then get perished!”

The brute chortled out his guts wiping tears of his blazing eyes. Thomas ignored the sniggers and clashed and slashed in the dragon’s body, not stopping to hurt him. There wasn't any effect; the dragon was just too strong! The brute transformed into a sharp blade slashing Thomas’s off by the razor bits. The blade stabbed Thomas’s leg causing painful agony and bleeding. The foil transformed into a large boxing fist. It squeezed Thomas’s throat harshly and cruelly not even sparing a single piece. The lad had no choice but to throw the grenade at the fiend. One hand was snapped off but the fellow still didn't lose the battle of the giants. He shook his pants wildly and the grenade fell out. BOOM, BLAST!!!, it threw the hideous creature out of Earth into the Sun which burned him to death.

At the meantime, the corsair woke up and saw no sign of any beasts earlier. “Thank you very much hero boy” said the man. “Are you the lost pirate?” questioned the boy.
“Indeed” answered the pirate. "Well, goodbye, I need to visit my pirates and give them a big surprise."

“Bye” said the boy smiling. He returned home spotting his parents were snoring in the bed. Thomas slowly tiptoed to his room and peacefully slept and there was no more beasts remaining in the world again.

The End

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