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Ghost House

London, United Kingdom (UK)

Once upon a time, there lived a gutsy, muscular stripling named Ollie. He is the only son of a wealthy king and queen.

One day, his parents decided to move to a new-built mansion which is surprisingly free! Ollie really felt that there was something queer and odd in the dingy rooms. It was as if a creepy spirit was roaming about in the house, waiting for a human to arrive in one of its traps.

In the toilet, he heard sinister howling of restless whirlwinds sucking about. He slowly tiptoed to the bathroom when mum spotted him.
"What are you up to young man, you know that you have to ask us before you go anywhere" said mum.
"Erm, I am just going to the bathroom for...pee." said Ollie.
"Oh, of you go then before your pants are filled with smelly water." chuckled mum. The lad went in the mystifying room and saw nothing, just pure bathroom products and wall background. His large eyes rolled around the room but didn't spot any bizarre products, so he skipped off to his bed to nap for a while.

Subsequently, his mum went in the bathroom to wash her dry, pale-looking face. Suddenly, the door creaked back and locked by itself. Mum's head turned back and her eyes gleamed with horror.
"Help, get me out of here!!!" shouted mum frustrated banging and kicking the door violently and helplessly. She tried unlocking it about 50 times but it wouldn't budge open. She wanted to call the police but her mobile phone was left in the bed. Mum shouted to Ollie to call the police by her phone ASAP.

5 mins later brave men broke in the mansion tried breaking in the toilet door too, but it appeared that something was preventing the police to break in. When mum looked back a hideous face with a large knife came crawling with bloody fingers causing scarlet stains on the grey floor. She yelped her guts out fainting on the floor. The monster smiled and pierced the throat taking out a head out separated from the bloody body. The fiend then put on the head on and transformed its body into a female's. He pushed the real dead body away in the toilet flushing it so people wouldn't see.
"Help, help!" the monster mimicked the poor lady to convince the police that Ollie's mother was herself. With a large hammer, the warrant officers broke the door and rescued the fake lady. Dad came pushing past polices and started to hug like a happy lioness missing its baby.

The brute put his two hands into his eyes trying to show Ollie's mother was so scared. Then at night the beast and dad lay in bed sleeping. The beast showed a bit of his wicked smile and then transformed back into himself. He strangled dad's throat viciously getting out the fleshes and then the hard bones that remained. Luckily the boy saw the terror show of the tricks of the beast. Ollie fumed and angrily shouted "You will die now foul fiend as I will cut your poisonous heart and as I will destroy the brain smashing the bones too!"
His eyes were bloodshot in extreme mental disorder and madness glaring with tears at the fiend. He ran to the kitchen and took a giant spear out pointing it out aggressively to the brute also shouting "Maybe this will help me to kill you, you devil!"
The monster growled and then sniggered saying "You'll also be part of my dinner even if you are as small as a pathetic mouse." The boy ran to the monster slashing the monster's hands away causing extreme bleeding and pain.The brute held the boy up in the air and threw him under the bed. "Time to put my best foot forward!" said the boy. He threw the spear at the monster in the belly and he was completely dead. That was the end of the ghost but it was the end of his parents too. The boy was insane forever because he has lost his parents.
The End

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