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The Legend of the Octo-frog

Volos, Greece

In Greece there was a man named Ajax. He threw his food and other junk on the ground, he invented cigarettes and he smoked a lot, and he was causing tons of pollution. And he was happy. He said that “I’m not doing Greece much harm.” Even though people warned him that Pan (The god of wild things) will punish him for polluting the earth.

Meanwhile in mount Olympus Pan was looking down on Ajax. And he was mad. Pan screamed “I will punish Ajax for polluting the earth!” to Zeus. Zeus responded
“Maybe we can give him one last chance”
“It is too late for that! He has polluted the earth ever since he was born!” Pan yelled. “So tomorrow I will add a new creature to the world!” Pan told Zeus.

The next day Ajax went to the sea to skip crushed soda cans when everything got dark and Pan came down and said
“What have you done!?”
“I don’t know, Pan” Ajax responded, nervously
“You have polluted the earth!” Pan responded. Pan continued “So for that you will be punished!” And with that being said Ajax grew eight arms, he couldn’t breathe air anymore, and he lost his legs and was forced into sea and he became the world’s first octopus.

For the first five years Ajax hated being an octopus. He hated the food he ate, he hated all the swimming, and he even hated the fact that he missed his family. But in years Ajax realized something…
I can defy Pan by polluting the ocean! Yeah! So he got to work. For the ocean the next year would not be forgotten. He polluted the ocean so badly the water turned green. The ocean smelled horrible. And many rare species of fish went extinct.

On mount Olympus Pan was madder than ever. Pan was so mad he didn’t speak. But he knew that Ajax was going to get it…
So the next day Ajax got a visit by Pan. Pan said nothing but the anger on his face said it all. So before Ajax knew it he had turned into his least favorite animal, the frog.
But for some reason Ajax still had eight arms. So when Ajax laid his eggs when they hatched them all had eight arms…
So if you have ever heard of a deformed frog (or seen one) that is how it all began…

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