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Athena's Garden

Weedon, Northampton. NN7 4TH, UK

Athena once had a beautiful garden covered in roses , lilies , tulips and orchids amazing different colours dotted all over the garden with olive trees and birches at different angles . Folk heard of this gorgeous garden splashing with colour and longed to see it , so Athena told them she would take one boy and one girl into the garden each month . Some people didn’t return , most people didn’t give it a second thought .

Andromeda and Hermia were sisters. There mother once went to the garden but never returned, there farther was kind hearted but was nearly always out on a job when he talked about there mother he cried. She was a bossy, pretty girl who liked to be Queen of the house she was horrid but she cared for the family , but with out her they didn’t have much money so their farther had five jobs.

There mother dreamed of staying there in the garden becoming a queen and feasting on cakes each morning, each afternoon and supper and wearing silk gowns , like Andromeda, whilst Hermia, was like her dad she was kind , fair and didn’t mind where she was or what she had . Each month Andromeda wished she was picked
‘Do you do anything then hope to be picked and stay with mum? ’ Hermia told Andromeda frustrated that she was cleaning the rooms again alone
‘Is there anything else to wish? ’replied Andromeda
‘Yes actually that you’d help me ,that we have more money , that the poor get money…..’ said Hermia
‘fine tomorrow I’ll get chosen!’ Cried Andromeda ,
‘You probably will because the other girls have already gone’ called Hermia ‘ here take my locket’
‘Thank you’ said Andromeda suddenly softening they hugged and went to bed.

The next morning Andromeda was gone, so was her bag. Hermia and there dad knew she had been to the garden, and went home and cried because it reminded him of mum he stayed for month until Hermia was chosen . Dad was sad he had lost all his girls , when Hermia woke the garden didn’t look amazing, each flower had a name. Most of the other flowers didn’t glow even Andromeda’s the only one that glowed brightest was a sky blue sliver . It was Hermia’s , Andromeda ran to her and cried ‘Hermia don’t pick it’
‘I wasn’t going to pick it ,where’s mum?’ replied Hermia but Andromeda picked it the garden cursed Andromeda to never leave and Hermia rushed home to tell the tale.

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