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The Devil's Curse

Ritual: You have to wear an upside down cross, Paint a black x on your forehead, Turn off all your lights, and shout 3 times "I am possessed" and the wait for exactly 3 minutes. A man should appear to turn the lights on and whoever turns the lights on is the devil who is promising to give you a wish. If you do miss a step in the ritual the man will not appear at all and it will not work. However you might find it not working better than trying and breaking the rule after he already arrived.

Rules: When they address you don't look them directly in the eyes,
do not cross your arms or cover your eyes and do not show emotion.
If you break any of these rules you will have to give up your soul and drag you to hell.
If you fail the game and you burn the book it will always
appear under the last person who used its bed. Until of course another person picks up the book and uses it themselves.

Origin: Johnny was a normal teenage boy of the age 14. He lived in a poor neighborhood and a very grassy area. One day walking home he came across a strange discarded book next to a gate with water leaking around it. It had gold trimming and an X on the front. He opened it to the front page and it said "Dont not read out loud" in red. He closed it and put it in his bag and took it home.

He began to read the book silently at home and it looked to have some instructions. He put it away after it was time for bed and decided to show his friends. He said he wanted to try it and said he wanted them to join them. After a week of trying he gave up trying to convince them and they never said they didn't want anything to do with it.

So he went home and follow the rituals himself. However he broke the rule. He looked the man straight in the eyes and the room and was dragged into hell.

His mother later coming home called out to her son and to her surprise got no answer. When she went up to his room all she found was the book on the floor covered in water. His friends later came over and found the book. They tried to convince his mother it was the books fault. She thought they were joking but they took the book and tried to destroy it. However to their surprise whenever they got rid of it the book reappeared over and over again under the bed that there friend had disappeared at.

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