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Slender Man

Death Village, Asia

It was a dark night and all was silent. Bill's mum said goodnight to Bill and then went downstairs. Bill turned on his side and was soon asleep...

But he woke up to the sound of the trees whispering in the wood that lay outside his house. It was midnight and everyone was asleep, not a soul moved. He gently pulled back the covers and slid out of bed. He tiptoed to the window and to his astonishment, it was open! I'm sure mum shut it, he thought and closed the window. Bill tried to get to sleep again, but just as he was dozing off, he heard the trees again so he got out of bed and shut it again.

He was curious about why the window kept opening, but was too tired to think about it and just assumed that he hadn't shut it properly. When it happened for the third time, he was really puzzled, but found himself just shutting it and going straight back to his cozy bed where he finally started to go to sleep...

But, once again, the window opened. Bill sighed and sat up in bed... then screamed and hid back under his duvet. There was a peculiar man standing at the end of his bed. He was extremely tall and slender, with a black suit and no face, just whiteness... Bill was trembling under his duvet, wondering who it was. He had only had a glimpse of the man, but he was scared out of his wits. The man sort of glowed in the darkness, his white face staring right at Bill, even though he had no eyes... Bill could still hear the trees whistling, but more eerily than before, like there was evil magic in the air.

He finally plucked up the courage to look over his duvet again, just to check that it wasn't a dream, but the man was still there, standing motionless, looking like a terrifying statue staring into Bill's eyes. Bill shot underneath the duvet again and shivered, telling himself over and over to not be frightened. There was a drop dead silent moment and then the man suddenly said "Go to sleep" in a gruffly, wierd voice, too unusual to describe. Bill jumped suddenly at the sound of his voice and was now completely freaking out. He didn't know what to do and was trying to keep as still as he could, but he guessed that he must of been trembling because the man grumbled again "Go to sleep". He wasn't shouting, he sounded completely chilled out and just said it so calmly that it was scary.

Bill tried his best not to move at all and what he thought was a long later, he decided to peep over the top of the duvet again, in case the man thought he was asleep and had gone. He just pulled back the covers the tiniest bit and looked over the top, telling himself to be brave. He didn't see the man standing at the end of the bed and sighed in relief, but then suddenly, he just popped out of nowhere right infront of Bill, with a knife in his hand and Bill screamed...

"Bill, Bill! Time to get up for school!" Bill's mum shouted up the stairs. She waited a bit, then stomped up the stairs and opened the door to Bill's bedroom... He wasn't there...
She looked at his open window and wondered if he had gone for a morning stroll in the wood, so she went out into the garden, which backed onto the wood and then wandered into the woods calling Bill's name. She soon got very fed up of looking and was about to turn back, when she suddenly saw something which made her scream... Bill's body was hanging from a tree with two words written on the tree in blood... Slender Man...

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plz do another one me and my freind are having a sleep-over and want to scare ourselves to sleep to have nightmares 26th March 2019
That is the scariest story ever 4th March 2019
OMG THIS STORY CREEPED ME OUT!Momo scares me the most though! Plz do a Momo story! 28th February 2019
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