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The Creeps


Long long ago, in 1445 a man named Toga Lamo found a hut in the middle of the plains nearby his town in Ethiopia. He looked inside and did not come out. Later on people in his town wondered were he was. But only 1 person knew.

"Father I really do know where he is" said Yamissi.
"Son, I do not give you permission to go wondering off to find Toga ok?"
Yamissi did not reply he had something to think about, at midnight he would sneak out and go to explore the hut. And so he did. He wondered off across the plains and after a while, he finaly came to the hut that Toga was in. He thought it was dangerous like, maybe Toga got lost inside that hut? Or maybe he was trapped? But Yamissi did so want to go and see for himself so he did.

When he got inside he heard a voice speaking in a Forgein accent. This must be a rich man! He thought to himself after all most people with forgein accents and come from other countries and other countries were richer than Ethiopia! So slowly he peeked his head round the corner. Suddenly he was shook and thrown into a cellar! He called for help but nobody except the person who had thrown him in the cellar well at least thats what he thought...

He looked right and there beside him was Toga he was amazed he had found Toga! He talked to him. Toga turned around and said "well done my friend for finding me but how must we get out?" Yamissi remembered that when he was young his Father had told him to do this "when you need help," he had said "pray to the God of Africa and he will help you" Yamissi did this.

Then the walls of the hut crashed down and soon Yamissi and Toga escaped they ran back home to there town and Yamissi told his father. "I guess i can trust you now" he said smiling.

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