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United Kingdom, England

In a remote city, people kept disappearing whenever they swim at the beach. Soon, it was closed forever; Dead bodies and piles of bones covered with cold blood were pinpointed.

Three lads were anguished to play and enjoy the beautiful beach, but the lifeguard wouldn't allow it. One boy turned to the lifeguard and moaned "Dude, I really want to frolic in this seaside today, and it's incredulous that there's a monster or a killer there-I just want to play!"
"Sorry kid, too dangerous" said the lifeguard. While the stripling and the lifeguard were arguing, the other two kids sneakily dived into the beach.
"Ah, this is the life!" said one happily.
"Indeed " agreed the other.

Subsequently, it became early twilight and the boys were still enjoying themselves. Jack-The boy who was arguing with the lifeguard, left without realizing his two friends were in the water. "Well, it's time to go" said one boy. Before he even moved an inch, something pull his leg down, then it bit hard sucking the blood of the toes. "Help!" shrieked the lad. The other boy couldn't move and his heart was ice frozen. He just gaped at his friend. Suddenly the hurt boy spotted razor teeth like sharpened foils were now charging towards him. He kicked his feet madly trying to escape but then...CRUNCH! The bones scattered in minuscule pieces, and the dead body drowned deep down. The other friend just howled in sorrow and quickly ran away, not looking back to see a flood of blood flowing in the water and... a shark's fin pointing out.

Meanwhile Jack was watching his favourite channels in the TV when a newsflash just appeared. Jack's eyes were trembling with horror and full of restless tears.
"Luckily, the other friend managed to escape from the dangerous seaside" announced the newsman. He turned hot red at became vexed and upset at the same time. Later, the lucky friend arrived to Jack's house panting heavily like a fried dog. Jack and his friend hatched an outwitting plan to kill the vicious deadly creatures. They left the house and arrived at the beach.
"Time to put this plan into action!" said Jack.

Jack put plasticine on the water designing it like himself so the brute would think that's a human. Jack's friend- Mike, got out his sharp long blade. Later waves came crashing onto the plasticine and Mike got ready. Something was gobbling it up and Mike poke it hard with his blade. The creature snarled and snapped Mike's head off scratching and pinching his throat to weaken him. Jack charged towards him like an angry bull and he punched angrily with his muscular fists. The brute didn't care and it then ate Mike in a flash. Jack kicked hard but it didn't cause any effect. It snapped his neck sucking blood then it gobbled him up. Unexpectedly Jack survived and he clashed and slashed the gum in the shark's mouth. Later, Jack sliced off the whole body and escaped! That was the end of the brute.

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