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Arise of the Droid Exterminator

United Kingdom, United Kingdom (UK)

Once in a remote land lived a valiant, strapping hero named Jack. He was known throughout the world, as the mightiest, boldest person ever.
Jack stood at the window detecting any signs of danger. Tumbleweeds rolled about and he was starting to yawn.

Meanwhile, a shadowy immense figure was inventing something with lots of dark magic. Jack heard it next door and started to drill a small hole in the wall so he could peep in and see what his neighbour is doing. The neighbour smirked evilly and announced “Soon when you are finished, we will cause world rampage and finish off those pathetic humans!” Jack became startled and then hatched an incredible plan to stop him. Hydra-The next door neighbour, chuckled and added “Nothing can stop you!” He activated the laser guns for his invention adding a powerful shield for extra defence. Next, Hydra created an iron brain full of wisdom. Lastly, he slowly put the heart on. It was operating carefully. 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%.....50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%..............100% Hydra cheered and clapped his hands. “I will call you Droid Exterminator” said Hydra. Then he dictated the machine to step forward and destroy the city and turn the Earth people to his zombie slaves.
“It’ll be my pleasure, sir!” said Droid Exterminator.

He strode off marching to the city. Jack panicked running in circles madly screaming out of the window “Doom is upon us!!!” Finally his invention has finished. “Now, Robo Major, we have a serious problem here and I invented you to finish the dastardly plan of Hydra’s and bring the justice and peace of Earthlings.”
Robo Major queried “Where is this villain?”
“Whenever you see any signs of danger, that means the evil robot is there” answered Jack. The golem nodded and walked away.

Subsequently, there were piles of scattered bones in Robo Major’s path. The sky turned cerise and it was raining cats and dogs. Thunder and lightning appeared then striking the trees and the leaves. “Now, I want you to destroy those people and bring the end to this world!” said Hydra in Droid Exterminator’s radio.
“I’ll send them flying in one hit!” snarled the fiend. He growled and created an electronic typhoon. It blew the people harshly and threw the buildings out of Earth into the Milky Way. The planets rammed into each other. The sun turned pitch black. Earth was in disastrous chaos.
“Now this is what I call world destruction” said Hydra. Jack scowled and that’s when Robo Major arrived.
“Prepare for this robot war brute!” He said.
“Let’s have it your way, shall we?” smirked Droid Exterminator.
Robo Major grabbed out his razor foil “I am never going to lose from the likes of you!” he shouted. Robo Major charged first slashing his sword into the fiend’s body. Droid Exterminator laughed and said “Is that your best, I think it’s about time that I should use my special move” the beast said. Robo Major gaped at Droid Exterminator waiting for the best of him. “Special move, Great Chains Of Fury!!!” Few seconds later, chains grasped Robo Major’s body. It squeezed hard breaking some metal. “AAA!” shrieked Robo Major in severe agony.
Promptly, Jack said in the radio “Never give up!” Robo Major gritted his teeth and growled like an angry beast. The chains shook and then flung off breaking into nanoscopic pieces. “Now this is my special move” Robo Major said. He transformed into a fire eagle. He flew up high upon the clouds into space and aimed right into Droid Exterminator. “Those who want to harm Earth or destroy the poor humans will be punished once and for all!” shouted Robo Major. “Impossible, how did he destroy the chains……..doesn’t matter I will crush anyone who is in my way, I am like lava!!!” Droid Exterminator yelled out. He turned to a vulture and flew up to Robo Major. Both robots clashed but Robo Major was extremely determined to save the planet so pushed Droid Exterminator to the ground causing a loud explosion in space. The planets were damage, most people were dead and Droid Exterminator turned to a pile of rubble. He was dead at last.
“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Hydra. He punched himself and cried “Why did I even think of this crazy plan to work, it’s just not worthy!” “My ambitions never fulfils but other people’s does” “I just give up” Hydra slumped onto the floor sobbing loudly. The world was free from danger.

Robo Major limped off and returned to Jack’s secret lair. Jack’s smile was a banana, and he gave Robo Major a badge for saving the world. Robo Major was also popular in the world.

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