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The Reign of the Legendary Dragon

Village, England

One dark thunderous night the wind was howling like a wolf, and was dashing through the night sky. In a dark cave, high in the mountains was a beast that was furious with anger, growling really loud, like a thunder storm roaring, and was a fear to everyone.

He was black as the night sky. He had four tails with spiked balls on the end of his tails, two heads with a technique of fire and ice. One head breathed fire and the other breathed ice, fairy, silky wings that created hurricanes. Sharp, long, blades on each leg and a circular hole under his paws which drained energy from anyone the same with his magical horn.

That night the beast, that was known as Dark Shadow, went out to get raw flesh, animals, fruit and berries so he can move quicker. Then he found a village so he dived down, like a meteor falling to earth, and snuck behind a house and wrapped 7 villagers in his tail then flew back to his cave.

After, the clouds started to gather up and started to snow but Dark Shadow used his fire to melt the snow and used his wings to create a whirlwind to blow the clouds away the sun came bursting through the clouds.

Out of the distance came a bright figure and Dark Shadow recognized that shape and it was his mortal enemy Light Shiner! Light shiner came back to defeat his evil enemy and began to say “ hello again Dark Shadow I have come back to defeat you for what you have done to man kind you foul beast so get ready cause we’re going to fight”
“Bring it on you good for nothing light bulb” smirked Dark Shadow.

Quickly, Dark Shadow gave a massive blast of fire and Light Shiner threw a blast of magic and they both dodged the moves then quickly Dark Shadow swung his spiked balls and Light Shiner took a lot of damage.

Then Light Shiner threw out a blast of water then Dark Shadow blurted out ice to freeze Light Shiner legs then the water froze and trapped his legs and zapped Light Shiner with magic.

As soon as Dark Shadow was about to slice Light Shiner he suddenly shouted “Wait! Why can’t we be friends we have to stop fighting!”
“ Fine, but only cause you want to” replied Dark Shadow and so they became good friends.

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