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Unitaurix and Unidragdile

Naplat, Aztalmakliti

Unitaurix and Unidragdile

One rainy night, in a dark, damp cave, lived a creature called Unitaurix. Every day this quarter unicorn, quarter human, quarter phoenix and quarter Minotaur came down to the village to get food, and when she saw there was none she was made to eat the village. Quickly, she landed, sprinted, ripped someone’s head off and flew away with their body to eat. Strangely, no one had actually seen her for long enough to see any of her features, but people say she has a unicorn horn and head , a phoenix body, minotaur horns and human legs that seem to sprint for ever. She appears to eat by incinerating things to ashes but eats it just before it does turn to ashes so it can taste the food. “Do you think we should put out some food s-s-soon?” asked the farmer, shaking
“No I’m going to slargh! She’s there help me!” shrieked the ‘brave knight’.
“NEIGH!” screamed Unitaurix as she sprinted for the knight and burnt him before flying away.

In her cave was a bunch of to eat from every time she scavenged at Naplat, the village. “Boom, Boom Smash, Boom” came a noise from outside and as Unitaurix ran out the secret exit, he cam in; Unidragdile, Unitaurix’s only enemy. But how did he know where she lived? Had he followed her back from the village? Where ever he was she was in a field, the grass as gold as the sun.

Then she saw him and hid, but he knew where she was and tried to impale her heart! Luckily, she had invisible armour that protected her every where but her neck. So she charged, head down, straight at the beast that cleverly dodged, but not quick enough, Unitaurix had full on hit Unidragdile on the legs pushing him over onto the floor. He sent out a rocket and hit her backwards onto the golden floor as well.

They decided to call it a day and thought of being friends and called a truce to not fight and work together to fight crime. They learned to be warm-hearted and helped the village with their needs. They decided to explore high in the clouds and found Terodrag, their evil master, they had to stop him and his evil doings!

On a soft, fluffy cloud he sat on a comfy, cloud chair, he was not like them, he was cold hearted and he knew it. They got a head start as Unidragdile went around the back, he accidentally fireballed Unitaurix on her throat causing her to fall backwards! Then Unidragdile fired his rocket at Terodrag and blew him to pieces, or at least that’s what he thought. Terodrag jumped up and fell down again as a net pulled and stuck him to the ground. Finally Unitaurix got up and burnt him with her wings. They went down to the village and everyone was happy, apart from one person!

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