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The Fight

The Forest

One sunny morning Unimaid was striding along in the woods watching the birds. Unimaid is a lovely a caring creature that helps animals or creatures that are hurt or in pain. She is patterned all over and is a beautiful and colourful creature that has to front legs and a tail at the back.

Her personality is that she is a bright and cheerful person who hardly never gets cross with anyone. She loves eating any types of berries that she can find, and she loves drinking anything that is squeezed from fruit or water. She sleeps in a hut or by the lake if she gets hot at night.

When Unimaid was watching the birds she sang because the birds love people that sing. She carried on walking along when out of the distance she heard two frogs fighting. They were both telling each other how much they hated each other, when Unimaid was just coming up to them to see what was going on.

“What is going on here” said Unimaid as calmly as she could. “Fred was saying he hated me” shouted Olly
“So was Olly shouted Fred.”
“Enough” bellowed Unimaid, she hardly ever got cross but now she was. “Stop fighting OK” please just be friends”
“NO” they both echoed and the fight continued.

Olly went to lie down in Unimaids hut turning into a deep deep deep deep sleep. Fred was talking to Unimaid about about what had happened between him and Olly. “Well Olly said that he hated me and I might of said I hated him back” said Fred.
“Why did you say it back it is just retaliating” replied Unimaid.

Suddenly out of no where bombs started dropping everywhere and Fred and Unimaid spotted one in the distance. Just then they realised World War 3 was happening and it was not a pretty sight.
“Unimaid” screamed Fred,
“What” screamed Unimaid.
“Olly is in your hut and a bomb is about to drop on him” bellowed Fred.
“Oh no” screamed Unimaid,
” I’ll save him” shouted Fred.

All of a sudden Olly was being pushed out of Unimaids hut to safety. Olly woke up and wandered where he was. Unimaid said “Fred saved you because a bomb was about to drop on you”. “Oh Fred” replied Olly, “Thank you for saving me, you are truly my best friend forever.”
“Best friends forever all of us”, and then Unimaid, Fred and Olly lived together and never had a fight again.

Moral: Fighting never solves anything.

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