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A myth submitted to the site by Dark Warrior

In the countryside

One cold and windy night in a dark & misty field, lightening struck the ground minute after minute. Then out of the mist emerged a red scaly monster. The mighty monster, the Triagon he sat there patiently waiting for his friend the Unirdragdile to try and take on the evil bunny rabbit.

I bet you’re thinking “really? A rabbit?” but NO this isn’t any normal rabbit: it as 3 horns a T rex head and a cheetah’s body, well I guess it’s not much of a rabbit any more.

A few minutes later the Unidragdile stomped towards the Triagon saying “alright mate”
“yeah you”
“great thanks”
“Good lets go kill the evil bunny then” so of they stomped towards the bunny’s base.

The Unidragdile said “I am a bit stronger than you aren’t I”
“Yes I am”
“Oh yeah” then before they knew it they got into a big fight.

Little did they know the evil bunny rabbit was watching them. In a flash, the rabbit jumped on them and dug his sharp claws into their thick scaly skin. They both lie there weak while the rabbit slowly walked off back into his base again and the Triagon said “we should have taken him on together.”

Moral: fighting can backfire on you.

By Dark Warrior
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