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The Big Fight


It was a lovely summer’s morning when he woke up. The sea was glistening and sparkling. He looked out from the mountain walls and turned around. He lived in a low and claustrophobic cave. In his room he has a blanket and a wind-up torch. Occasionally there would be a rumble and some small rocks would fall down. The creature said, “I’m going on an adventure. But first I’m getting out of ‘ere.”

Unidragdile was a fearsome creature and he attacks with pace. He can be very nice, or not; it depends on who it is. He never cries but you can see him looking unhappy sometimes. Unidragdile is quite sensitive and tries to be happy (when he isn’t happy) He has army coloured skin; consisting of dark green, green and brown. He has two unicorn heads and 4 crocodile feet. On his leg, he has jet skis for the water. There is a button to activate the water skis. He has a dragon’s body and tail. At the end of his tail is a powerful rocket launcher.

Unidragdile leaped out from his home and rode away to the beach. From there he ran far, far away until he met Unitaurix his enemy.
Unitaurix was a mean menacing dragon. He had a unicorns head and dragon skin all over him. He had a mouth which could breathe fire. He tail swung fiercely and he has two human legs.

Unidragdile growled, “Do you wanna fight?”
“OK but you are gonna die?!” Unitaurix replied.
“You mean ‘I’m gonna die!” Unidragdile cackled
“Where should we fight? On that wooden cross above the lava” Recommended Unitaurix
“Ok Game on!” Snarled Unidragdile.

They were at a massive lava pit. The drop was about 60 feet. There was some wooden planks formed in a cross shape. They at either end of the planks, ”Come at me bruv” Snarled Unitaurix. He sprinted forward and hurled his body and Unidragdile. Falling of the planks, Unidragdile was soaring into the lava pit.He pressed the buttons on the side of his feet and the water skis slid down its feet.

Unidragdile stopped and he looked for a way to get out. There was no way he’d get out. He decided to risk it. He raced up the wall and he was back on the cross, “How the …?” Stuttered Unitaurix. Unidragdile was firing his deadly rockets at Unitaurix, who heroically was dodging the bullets, “Ha Ha” Cried Unitaurix, “You failed, you failed!” By now, the point of where the cross was joint together was now blown up into smithereens. Unidragdile was growling now. He swung his tail, shooting Unitaurix. Finally, one bullet hit Unitaurix. HARD! He was in mid-air when he was shot in the chest. He landed with a massive THUD and clouds of smoke raised.

Magically a wizard appeared he had grey hair and beard (which was grey). He had a purple cloak down to his rusty knees, “Hello, what seems to be the problem? My names Oswald and I’m a wizard.” Said Oswald
“He shot me.” Gasped Unitaurix
“And why did you shoot him?” Queried Oswald
“Well when I was younger, Unitaurix and I were best buddies. Then I accidently called him a Yin which is the rudest word in creature language. I said sorry but he just wouldn’t accept it. Consequently he ripped my favourite teddy up into shreds. We thought fighting would resolve it.” Explained Unitaurix
“NO NO NO” Explained Oswald, “ You need to talk to each other.”
“Sorry man” Apologised Unidragdile.
“Yeah, so am I” Replied Unitaurix
“Do you wanna come round my house?”
“Sure” Exclaimed Unidragdile

5 years later Unitaurix and Unidragdile are still great friends.
“You know, Oswald was right. Fighting doesn’t resolve anything.”

The End
Moral: Fighting doesn’t resolve anything.

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