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The Sea Pig

Farm and the sea

At an old little farm lived a farmer and his wife. They looked after pigs and one pig have an adventure to come. Crip, the youngest pig, walked out of his sty and said to himself,” What a heavenly morning with the sun shining in the blue sky”. Then Crip heard a dinga ling and he knew it was breakfast time. He smelt lovely cabbage. Crip gobbled his breakfast. While he was eating his breakfast he heard a ‘Pop’ and then an other pop. Crip Stopped eating his breakfast. Something felt odd. It felt like he had two more legs. “It’s me being silly”, said Crip but he still felt puzzled. He had a look too see if he had extra legs. He did and Crip fainted.

Crip woke up in a cave by the sea. It felt cold and he wanted to go home. Then he couldn’t feel his tail. He looked behind him and he had a fish’s tail. Suddenly he couldn’t breath! Also the tide was coming in.

When the tide did come in and went over Crip and magically he could breathe. “Maybe I’m be coming a fish”, said Crip curiously. He started swimming about the deep blue ocean and passing loads of fishes that. He passed a big group of fishes that were laughing at him. Crip felt offended and he said something rude back. One of the fishes punched Crip and he punched back. Crip swam away from the group as fast as a car to the cave.

When Crip got to the cave he lay down and cried.” Why are you crying little fishy?”, said an old fish. Crip stopped crying.
“I had a fight with some mean fishes “, whimpered Crip.
“I know who there are”, said the old fish. ”Come on then lets sort out this fight”
“I don’t want to go”, said Crip sacred.
“Are you a coward”, shouted the old fish.
“No!” said Crip angrily. Then the two fishes swam out of the old cave.

Crip saw the mean fishes. Crip and the old fish swam over to the big group. “Hello gentlemen I’ve heard that you have been mean to the king”, the old fish. Crip looked up in surprise. “Are you saying I’m the king?”, Asked Crip. The old fish nodded.
“What” said the fishes.
“Their all yours my majesty”, said the old fish.
“Guards take these fishes to the dungeons”, shouted Crip!

That my friend is how the first ever Sea Pig was created!

The end!

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Scotoplanes have always interested me. Thanks for this cute origin story. 26th November 2018
It is surprising for a pig 🐖 to become a fish! 17th September 2018
AMAZING! I wondered what will happen next which is good. You just hooked me!

12th April 2017
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