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How the Giraffe got its Long Neck

Chichester, England

One day on the East Coast of Africa when giraffes had short necks and the scenes of Africa were at their best, there were lots of giraffes living in a jungle , the jungle was a fabulous jungle with lots of tall trees.

Four giraffes were called “Charlie, Will, Jean and Lilly.” Charlie and will were very cheeky giraffes and they were always playing pranks on the other two giraffes. At noon one day, when Jean and Lilly were playing a fun game by the tree, Charlie and Will were sneaking up on them with two bits of rope. Will tied the rope around Jeans neck and the tree whilst Charlie did the same thing to Lilly. Once the two girls had finished their game and started walking off their necks were getting stretched and it wasn’t till they noticed they had rope around their neck when It stopped stretching because they took the rope off from around their neck.

When the giraffes looked at each other they both saw that they had long necks but all the giraffes in the jungle noticed that it was very useful in many different ways such as being able to reach leaves easily, seeing the wonderful views of Africa and many more useful things , so they all decided to stretch their necks in the same way as they did - even Charlie and Will!
That is how the giraffe got its long neck.

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