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How The Birds And Giraffe Became Friends

Zimbabwe, Africa

A very long time ago when there were no human beings and animals ruled the earth.It was in Africa in mid-summers when a fierce storm came.Thunder and lightning filled the air.Soon the dry bushes were struck by lightning and caught fire!Due to the strong winds the fire spread rapidly.

All the animals were running frantically to a safe place - except one little bird! That bird had just given babies one day ago. So she started shouting "Help! Help!"
No one heard the little bird crying in distress as they were too busy running to save their lives. Also the noise of all the animals running was too loud and it drowned out the little bird's little voice.

One kind Giraffe , since he was the tallest of all, saw the bird jumping up and down and was clearly in despair.So the Giraffe went up to the bird and said," Why aren't you flying otherwise the fire will soon burn your tree down?"
The bird whimpered,"Because I have little babies in my nest and I can't carry them or leave them alone."
Suddenly, the generous Giraffe had an idea. He excitedly said," I can carry your nest on my head and take you to a safe place away from this horrific fire." The bird gratefully slided her nest with a strong branch on to his head.

The fire was very near so the Giraffe ran as fast as he could and never looked back till he reached a secure beautiful place. There he placed the nest on a tall green tree with white flowers on it. The bird was so thankful to him and insisted," Please is there ever anything I can do for you let me know. I know I am small but if at all you ever need me do tell me!"
The Giraffe thought for a moment and said," Well, actually there is one thing you could do. I have small insects on my back and they tug at my hair and bite my skin which is so irritating but I can't do anything. You with your little beak can pick on them and rid me of them."
The bird was so glad to be of help that she started immediately and sat on his back and pecked at all the fleas and so the Giraffe was relieved and then they became best friends.

Therefore, even today wherever you see Giraffes, either in Zoos or in open spaces, you will see birds sitting on their heads and backs picking their nits and fleas. And that is how they are friends forever.

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