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King of Goblins

Gonlin's Town , Lala Land

Long ago in a darkest corner of the world lived dirty, ugly, filthy creatures called goblins. They were too many, living in small, gloomy, terrifying, smelly caves. It was famous amongst them that whoever becomes the king dies before it turns 100 years old.
Goblins otherswise have long ages. It was scary and comes a time when no goblin wanted to be a king.

Soon there were no laws. Any goblin do whatever it want. Powerfull goblins rob, steal and killed the weaker ones. It was important that some one agrees to become king so peace return.

The bravest of them all named Grust agrees to be the king, and all other goblins sick of threatining goblins agreed to protect Grust. They took turns, all times 3 goblins were around Grust so no other could harm them. Now the threating group was puzzled cause they were the ones who killed kings and created myth so no one agree to become king and they keep robbing killing other goblins. With new king their power was lost.

They hired a dragon to kill the king. Now they had to bribe and threat some other goblins to trick the king and his guards to bring him to town square where dragon was hidden to kill the king. Some greedy goblins agreed. They told king a false story about their kids kidnapped by bad goblin. Grust was brave. He left to save the kids. But halfway his protectors stopped him and suggested one of them will wear grust crown and go to townsquare to assure its not a trick. He did and dragon killed it. King was still safe and the myth became wrong.

All goblins now knew the truth and were angry. Grust with help of so many others killed all goblins who were cheating for power and punished ones helping them.
Peace returned.

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