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The were eagle

scotland, britain

The Were–Eagle

He was alone, sitting on a beach. He was a small boy around 8 years old. There were lots of questions in his head. Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I on a beach? Why don’t I know anything about myself? He only knew one thing he was in Scotland.
Slowly he stood up and walked around. The birds flew around hoping for a snack. Then he saw it, a seal. No, Wait. It was a human! She walked towards him. “Hello!” she shouted. “I’ve been watching you for a while now. Are you lost?” “Yes. I’ve also lost my memory.” He explained “Who are you?”
“I’m a selkie, a human that can turn into a seal!”
“So you were that seal.”
The boy clicked his fingers trying to remember something important. Then a marvellous thing happened. His arms turned into wings and soon he was an eagle. “WOW “exclaimed the selkie. “Yes, your right.” said the eagle (at least he can still speak).He clacked his claws and he turned back into a boy.

“I will travel until I find my family and memory!”
“What a speech! Do you want me to come with you?”
“Yes please, do you know where we are?”
“We are somewhere in Scotland but I don’t know where.”
“Well let’s start by going inland.”

They set off in their human forms. They plodded along on weary feet.
Finally they came to a loch where Emily (the selkie) turned into a seal and the boy turned into an eagle. “I’ll fly, you swim.” said the were-eagle.

They travelled for miles and miles passing many places. Finally Emily asked “Do we actually know where we are going.”
“Why don’t we stop at the next place?”
“Good idea, let’s stop at those weird houses on stilts?”
“Look in the water.”
“I see it now”
They swam and flew to the shore so they could change into human forms when they went in. When they strolled in they found that it wouldn’t have mattered if they had turned into their human forms or not.

For when they entered there was a family of half goat, half human.
“Hello. We are the Fawns.” said the Fawns. ”Who are you?”
“This is Emily, a selkie and I am a were-eagle.”
“I’ve never heard of were-eagles.”
“I know, I found myself without a memory, on a beach miles away”
“Come on in spend the night here”
They woke when the sun was high in the sky. They got up and walked out of the house, all the fawns were out and about. One of the fawns beckoned them over. “I know a tribe of Centaurs (half human, half horse) that probably wouldn’t mind you riding on them” he said.
“Thanks” they replied, “When can you take us there?”
“Now – thanks again”.
Quickly they ran after the nimble fawn. The were-eagle turned into an eagle and flew to tell him to slow down. The were-eagle turned back into a boy and they continued following the fawn.
They strolled over hills and valleys, waded through streams and crawled through tunnels until finally they got there. It was another house on stilts over the water. This time a centaur greeted them.
“I’ve got to go now as it’s nearly dark” said the fawn.
“OK, bye”
The pair replied “Thanks”
They turned towards the centaur “Hello” she said.
“Hello, I am a were-eagle and she is a selkie” the boy explained.
“Come in”
They walked inside and were greeted by lots of friendly faces. The centaurs asked what their story was and why they had come here. After the long story they went to sleep. Only in the morning did they realise how weird centaurs really were. They had a horse’s body and a human body – that means two stomachs. They had long hair and they had breakfast in the morning at the table then went straight out to eat grass after their breakfast. Two centaurs came over and told them they would take them as far as Kilmartin Glen. It was the most mythical place in Scotland. Eventually they set off to Kilmartin Glen. Slowly it grew dark. The whole countryside changed, the air got colder and the whole countryside felt so ominous. Eyes started to appear to appear. A pack of wolves circled them. A minotaur rose from the soil. The minotaur barked an order to the wolves and the wolves turned into people. The centaurs dashed away to get help. The boy turned into an eagle and flew high above the minotaur. A stone hit him and he was out-cold. Emily soon was tied up and blind-folded. When the were-eagle awoke he was in his human form, tied up and blind-folded. They were kept in a dark, murky room underground. Finally they managed to rub their faces against the wall to untie the blindfold. They could now see their surroundings; there were a few sharp rocks in the corner but nothing else that would be useful. They reached as far as they could but it was no use. They stretched and stretched but they could still not get it. Suddenly the boy had a plan. He would not tell it to Emily in case any guards were listening. Quick as a flash he had turned into an eagle and struggled out of his human sized bonds. He grabbed a rock in his beak and flew over to Emily. Then he turned human and filed through the ropes. When the last rope snapped the footsteps of the minotaur could be heard.
“We’re too late” Emily whispered.
“What a shame” the boy said sadly.
The minotaur appeared in the doorway.
“AAAAGGHHHHH!!!!!” screamed Emily and the boy.
“Stop screaming” roared the minotaur “come with me”.
Soon they were re-tied and over a bonfire that was about to be lit. The were-wolves circled them, chanting as they drew closer and closer. The flames on the were-wolves torches flickered in the dark. The were-wolves threw the flaming torches, as they came in a perfect circle racing towards them. Suddenly there was a ‘splosh’ and the flames went out. The centaurs poured in kicking and biting. The were-wolves and minotaur fled in terror. The minotaur shouted one thing back at them “I’ll be back!”.
The centaurs untied the boy and Emily.
“Thanks, but you did leave it last minute” said the boy.
“As soon as we heard the news we raced out to rescue you!” replied the centaur.
“I know” Emily exclaimed. The boy and Emily got on a centaur each and they set off for the second time to Kilmartin glen.

Eventually they arrived. They were dropped off at the bottom of a hill that had a king’s footprint on it. “Bye and thanks for everything including saving us” said the boy. “Bye it was nothing” the centaurs replied. The boy and Emily waved goodbye and climbed up the hill to the most amazing sight of their lives!

At the top of the hill there were fawns, centaurs, selkies, were-things, fairies, dwarves and many other creatures. They went over and asked a phoenix if he knew any were-eagles. Luckily the phoenix’s answer was ‘yes’. He said “Over there by the dragon”.
“Thanks” replied the boy.
They strolled past the dragon and saw a group of people.
“Hello, are any of you were-eagles” said the boy.
They all stepped forward but two ran forwards towards him.
“Douglas, Douglas, Douglas!” they shouted.
“So my name is Douglas”.
“What did you leave me on a beach?”
“Because to be counted into the were-eagle family, you have to be left mind-wiped on a beach and you have to find your family, and you did it!”
The End!

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Very cool and interesting story.
24th January 2019
an engle. and why did they turn into a engle bad idea. and a seal bad idea also. next time make it beder alright. but still good. and meen´t that story was a goddddddd! 11th May 2017
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