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The Queen Who Didn't Care

Londom, Great Britain

There was once a little girl named Isabelle. She had ginger hair, blue eyes, freckles all over her face however was still very attractive. Like every other human being, Isabelle went to school, ate everyday, sleeps at night. Nevertheless she was different. Her mind worked like no others.

Isabelle always had disastrous nightmares ,until what she thought was fantasy became reality. As she grew up many of her dreams actually started to occur in real life. But she never told her mum as she felt her mum would think she was possessed .

One night, Isabelle couldn’t sleep. Something was wrong. She tried laying on her duck feather pillow with a sky blue case which slowly started to wrinkle as she moved. She couldn’t. She wasn’t sure what she had to do. Isabelle sat up and as soon as her back bone straightened “BANG!’ a loud crash and her head sunk inside her pillow as her eyes slowly closed against each other like a mother and it’s baby.

A vision came through her mind .The next day everything was going to take place. She knew she couldn’t tell anyone exactly what she had saw but se had to stop it.

The next morning Isabelle anxiously sid to her mum “Mum i know your going to disagree but im going central London and by myself.” Isabelle slammed the door shut and ran. She couldn’t afford to ear what her mum had to say her adrenaline was pumping.Isabelle wasn’t able to use abus as she did not have her zip card. So she knew she had no choice but to take a black taxi. She counted the last bits of money she and and hoped it was enough to pay for herself. When she reached the black taxi the taxi driver had said she was too young to travel on her own. Isabelle knew this was the only way to get to her destination so she pleaded the man by bribing him if she had payed hima little extra she would be able to. In the end the man let her go and dropped her right outside buckingham palace.

She needed to get in. But how to do that, she didn’t know. Isabelle let her face sink in the space of the bars between te shiny black gate. Se gazed up in hope te gate will be tall enough for her to climb, but she couldn’t climb it . the top was of the gate was all barbed with sharp wire. Isabelle’s confusion point ad hit her. The nerves in her body couldn’t keep still and the urge to break in was taking over her . unexpectedly the voice came back ; deep,gloomy but soft. It had whispered “just go through you are invisible and no one will be able to see you.” so Isabelle did exactly what the voice had told her to.

There were two large doors which she walked through the hallway was extraordinarily long . She had absolutely no idea where to go. She could hear the voice of people talking so she hid but then it recoverted er that she was invisible so then she decided to walk around to see who she could find however she couldn’t find the queen.

A few moments later, Isabelle found who she needed and coughed “mhmm your majesty “ Isabelle had said however the queen couldn’t see her and Isabelle wasn’t so sure how to get out of this power she had been given. But she found this funny so Isabelle continued to talk. “you need to stop being selfish and give more of your money and help moreor tisd world will come to an end”
“ Guards what is this nonsense remove this at once !” the queen ordered “ heheh you cant see me anyway all im saying is you have a week to become a better person or everything you’ve owned will be gone. And from then Isabelle left and everything in the room had shattered and had been blow by the wind.

A few days later, the queen’s palace slowly started to crumble as she did not listen to this voice. The queen started to stress and asked for this voice. At the end of the week Isabelle came back and was invisible once again at this point she had come back and told the queen” sometimes you should be grateful and share as there are people who do not have the things you have now everything you own is breaking”

Make sure your grateful of what you have and if you have more than enough share not everybody gets it easy.

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