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London, England

Spring has finally arrived here in London.The sun was brighter than ever!I leaped out of my deluxe bed to get ready to go and have a scrumptious brunch.Extremely relaxed,I strided to the bathroom.While I was brushing my teeth,a message popped up on my screen.

“Yara...HURRY UP!!!”From my rebellious little sister Anaya.

..Sometime later,I had finished getting ready.I sprinted out of the door ,but I had to go at a certain pace.If I didn’t slow down,my amazing part-vampire will be unveiled.I almost rampaged myself for my idiocracy and activated a flaming fire.Oh well,I fortunately didn’t do anything that could’ve cause a havoc,but if I did I would’ve wolfed-out as well as becoming the ‘Wicked Witch of The West’.

After my turtle-like walk,I was at the cafe.It was beauteously enhanced.Vines were pendulously hanging the cloud-bricked wall,shining as the pearlescent light shone through.At the end of those pearlescent light rays,was Anaya looking at me softly.
With tears of joy in her eyes,she walked towards me.We then got a table and ordered our scrumptious brunch.

“So you haven’t talked to me in 50 years!”she projected.

I told her my enemies are after me and my only option remained on me being quiet for a while.Even though I knew that I could be risking my life by visiting my sister,it was comforting to know that she was okay by meeting my sister.We had an immensely long discussion.

Anaya and I were chatting as we crossed the road.Unfortunately,vampirism comes with its downside,we were starting get a little peckish.Due to our ,we had to lure a human into the alleyway next to the Liverpool Street station.

“Keep quiet,we won’t hurt you.”I compelled the man to stay still,while my sister and I fed on him.

Every drop of blood that we had was so tempting as we just wanted more and more.All the veins and capillaries in my body were so hydrated.Eventually,the blood in the human’s body was drank out of.Then,since we were full,wwe burned the body into specs-of-ashes.

Guilt appeared in our eyes,but we are what we are:part-wolf;part-vampire and part-witch in the form of humans.It was always the case,feed and burn/compel,this way no one will realise who and what we are.After thinking about this,I got rid of the guilt so did my sister.

Little did I know,I had an audience.It was Qetsiyah.She was the witch that turned me into a vampire by killing me.I had betrayed her and was on the run from her.With rage blurring her sight,she took each step ever so casually.I sensed the icy cold wind emerging into me,freezing every single drop of my blood.The whole atmosphere changed,it was as if;the sky turned grey,lights kept flashing,and thunder struck.Cautiously,I turned around and walked towards her.Even though she was quite cryptic with her actions,I remained brave.Soon,I used vampirism and ripped her heart out.All around and on the floor was one thing.Blood.Just blood.

Using a spell,I burned the body and heart and blew it away.Well...That was a close call!

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