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Island of distortion

A town outside of London, England

The island, I was always afraid of it. When I was younger my family and I always went to a park called St Walkistons Grove. We gave bread to the ducks, skipped rocks and me my brother and sister chased each other around playing hide and seek. The park was a mini forest with a small island in the centre of it about 25m from shore. I was always afraid of the island. Everyone was. Even the ducks would avoid going near it. Unlike everyone else though, I knew that what lived on that island was far worse than any werewolf or zombie. I used to see their shadows watching me from behind the trees. I used to hear them slowly laugh mocking me, making me think I was crazy. But I wasn’t crazy. I’m not crazy.

That was 10 years ago. I’m now 20 living in a small flat with my small Italian Greyhound Peach.


I received a message from my friend rob saying, “Hey Jack, if you’re not busy do you want to come camping in the island with me, Jess and Cassie? We’re leaving in one hour.”

A shiver went down my spine. Just the mention of that island makes me uneasy, but after all this time I still don’t know who or what resides on that island. So, out of all my curiosity and urge to know, I replied, “Ok, I’ll meet you there.”

When I got there, Rob, Jess and Cassie were already loading their supplies into the boat. So I started doing the same. We were rowing the boat slowly, enjoying the beautiful sunset and evening breeze. The birds singing to

“Do you guys remember the rumors people used to say about this island?” Jess said.

“Yeah, one was that a witch there and she controlled the ducks.” Cassie chuckled. “It’s so dumb.”

When the sun was almost down we put up our tents. Feeling as if I was being watched I put a lock on the zip of my tent door and slept with a knife at hand.


I was awoken by the sound of someone screaming. There was a pit in my stomach as I stepped out of my tent; Cassie was crying, Rob was in shock and Jess...she was dead. Blood was oozing out of what used to be her arms and legs, and her head was decapitated.

“There’s no way out.” Rob kept saying. “They're coming.” I ran to the edge of the Island, Peach right behind me, only to see trees going on for miles. This can’t be real, I thought to myself.

Then I saw Cassie and Rob running towards me; the sky turned blood red, and a sudden darkness started growing from the centre of the island.

“RUNNNN!!!” Cassie screamed and she barged past me. We ran for what felt like hours when we couldn’t see the darkness anymore.

We arrived at a creepy old looking house atop a hill, but as it was almost night it was the only place we could stay.

“w-What, the hell was that!?” Rob exclaimed, shivering from the cold of the desolate night. “How am I supposed to know?” I replied.

“I’ll keep watch while you guys get some rest.” Cassie said. “I won’t be able to sleep with the gruesome images of Jess-”

“Yeah we get it.” Rob said getting her to stop talking about Jess. The three of us walked around the house trying to find a place to sleep. No beds downstairs. We ascended the stairs to the second floor finding a 3 bedrooms. 2 were boarded up with wood but one was slightly ajar. So we entered the open one, placed our sleeping bags on the floor and passed out.

I woke up to Cassie shrugging me and whispering “Jack wake up! There’s something on the other side of the door.”

“Something malignant.” Rob added.

The door slowly creaked open, revealing a never ending darkness. “W-what on earth-”

“They’re here.” Rob said cutting Cassie off. A devilish laugh emerged from the darkness filling up the room.

3 months later.

BREAKING NEWS. The search is still out for Jess Peters, Cassie William, Rob Stevenson the III and Jackson Brown. The last place they were seen was in our local park St Walkinstons Grove. If you have seen any of these people, please contact this number: 0800 324 56748. Our hopes and prayers go out to those affected by this.

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