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The Underworld

My name is Luke. Me and my family have always been able to see ghosts, but now it’s starting to become worse than before. Every time I see one it sends shivers down my spine. Whenever i am walking to school a little girl always comes up to me,says nothing, and then just disappears. I’ve gotten used to it now, apart from one thing.

Ever since I had started secondary school, this black figure has always been following me around no matter where I go. So one night I was sleeping and In my dream this dark figure appeared. Although it was more clearer now. He had: a skull as white as the moon; eyes as red as blood; a crown that shines like the sun and a cape as black as the night. The words he said made me freeze in my tracks. He bellowed “Thy who dares to defy me will not see the light of day, but thy who says they will join me, Hades the god of the underworld, will get whatever they say”!

It had been a whole week since I had that dream, or you could say nightmare, and there was still no sign of Hades. The next day I was walking to school and the little girl came up to me and instead of stopping and walking away she got out what seemed to look like a toy sword. All of a sudden she pointed it towards my heart and smiled. Then she struck! Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all but instead it started shining. In the blink of an eye, I had white and black, robes (which looked ridiculous) and a gigantic sword on my back. Then like she normally did she walked away and disappeared. Only one thought sprung into my head. I must kill Hades.

It had been two days since the girl had attacked me and I still hadn’t even finished my journey to the underworld. Although one peculiar thing happened. As I was on my journey a mysterious old man who called himself by the name of Viridor, who said that he was the son of Apollo, had given me what he called the divine flying sandals. With these sandals I got to the underworld in the click of a finger.

There he was, Hades, sitting on a gargantuan gold throne as big as a house. He slowly lifted his head and bellowed the words “I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU”. He carried on, saying “what is your choice kid?” I slowly walked up to him and replied “did you really have to ask?” Then he let out a loud roar and we clashed swords.

The battle lasted for three long days until I finally slayed the 20 foot beast. He let out a large screech and turned into dust. Even though I won the battle, the war had just begun

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