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George and the Golden Money

London, England

In the rich city, Central London. A ghost named George was a evil rich robber. He was milky like the puffy clouds, covered in gold stars. He stole a lot of money, made his kingdom and put it there. The kingdom was enormous and magnificent. It was navy blue and eye catching. Out of nowhere a man called Harry appeared, he wanted to be the savior, the great, the mighty for London. He was
A towering athletic man with a glossy sword.

Harry didn’t like george (the ghost). Luckily Harry was the only person in London who wasn’t scared of George. George always took peoples cards and nicks all the money. But Harry kindful, he wanted to try get all the money from Georges outrageous kingdom and give it to the people who got robbed. He reunited with all the citizens in london to try get passed George. He persuaded a lot of people, meanwhile Harry told everyone a idea. The idea was to get on top of his building and try use dragons and breathe fire at them. Harry said “This mission is tough we need people coming in different ways”

It was night, the dark sky sleeping for the morning.Harry came with his team and dragons inside and took over the whole entire kingdom. The dragons breathed fire on all the horrendous guards of Georges Kingdom. Unfortunately half of Harry’s team dropped dead drippy red thick blood everywhere.

Harry went with the other half to George main hall room. His mighty team stepped in with the fierce dragons and demolished the bad guards of the hall cut their necks off. The team got all the money taken it all to the bank with a truck. The brave Harry questioned George “Why did you steal” he replied “I hate everyone”. Harry couldn’t kill George because he was a ghost. So what Harry did was a spell on the ghost saying “abracadabra” and he went and never came back again and it was mission accomplished.

The team shared all the money to the poor and the people who got robbed. Everyone was happy, they had freedom.

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