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The magical box

London, England

It was a normal day in London, the clouds slowly moving, the wind hustling the tree branches, the birds flapping their wings among the sky. I was at home, living my casual life; resting on the couch and chilling with my siblings, until I heard a noise “BANG, BANG”. Someone was at the door. I quickly run to the door, but by the time I got there, no one was here. Just when I about to slam the door shut, a squeaky voice said ”wait!”. I open the door again to see a letter on the ground. I open the letter which said ‘escape the country immediately, a bad consequence is about to happen’.

The letter had no name on it nor on the envelope. I get really confused. I went up to my mum, who was quietly cooking in the kitchen. She was wearing an apron and slippers. My mum is the most independent person you could ever meet, but she always is like that, independent and strong. When I told her what happened, she turned very serious. She went upstairs and told me not to go, to stay where I am. I wish I knew what was going on. I began feeling suspicious. My mum must know why or who the letter came from.

I waited and waited, until my mum came down the stairs with this box. She told me to not touch this box until she said so. I did as I was told and and went back to the living room, to find my sister wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I took a quick look around, but i still had no luck. I then tried to find my mum, she she wasn’t in the kitchen, where is ALWAYS is. Something felt strange. The house was quite silent for the first time; the heat meter isn’t making their usual beeping sounds, the half-opened windows isn’t repetitively opening and closing, not to mention that the doors were all closed. A slight emotion of fear came within me. Someone must be here. Otherwise, there is no logical explanation to where they are.

That’s when the box my mum told me not to touch started moving. This became serious. In wondered what is inside the box, but didn’t even dare to look inside. My mind had all these thoughts of what to do. Do I go to open the box which was shaking around in the kitchen or just stay where I am. I took slow footsteps leading towards the box. I opened it to see…(to be continued…)

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