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Medusa's Bad Escape


I was sitting in my room and wasting my time. I did the tv on “MEDUSA MEDUSA SHE GONE” at the time i did not care because she’s a satchu. That's what i said when i found out that you can make her rise from the dead. I was shocked. I was trying to find a way to make medusa to come to life again. In a bad way. So i can destroy it. When i was at school everyone was talking about medusa's and how you could get the book in the library.So i got it. Hey puneet could i borrow that snake book after you. Yes you can. Do you know it's very worrying to know that there's a visos stone monsta killing people. Just from curiosity why do you need the book. Ohhh just to discover new things about medusa. Said Carl. Oh I thought you were a believer of medusa.

I was at school and talking about me going to Carl's house to do my homework. For some reason he was very nervous about me coming to his house it was like he was hiding something. Carl what lesson do we have “English”, Which teacher oh er Mr Ravanderan.“Sit down everyone.settle down” Sir was shouting. Ok today we are learning about myths.”YES” everyone shouted. I knew a lot about myths a example of one is medusa. Even saying her name makes me shiver. Does everyone know what happened this morning “yes” the satu of the bad blooded creature medusa was stolen or it somehow came back to life i was so lucky that i had my medusa book. They was one little and important fact that i could not finish off that was how to unfreeze her.

I read on in class how to reincarnate her that was to put a massive,scary,unbelievable snake around her neck. That would unfreeze her. ”Ring ring” the school bell went. When me and my friends were walking to Carl's house i saw Carl was shaking. We went into Carl's house.They were three things that caught my attention;snake food,mice,and a massive creepy cage under the bed. “SISSSS”. The noise that sounded like a enormous snake was near me!! I felt very anxious. The snake sounds hideous,talking in a deep voice. Beware of the wicked medusa that rule all and kill all. Did the snake just talk i said in a confused way? Errrrr yes yhea about that you will all die. What?

Carl what is this hideous snake doing in your room about that i believe in medusa. WHAT HOW your my best friend you stick by me and support me and medusa is bad.medusa more like Madusa. Carl had all the weapons that medusa had for example Medusas sword.while medusa was off to kill people and turn them into stone. I had a plan and Carl was pretty curious what was going to happen. So I grabbed the massive sword that medusa had owned and “chopped” the talkative snake into half. That day i was wondering if medusa would be dead because i killed the snake earlier. “I'm coming to get you puneet I'm coming”. I was getting flashbacks when I slayed that chaty snake in half.

Mum turn the volume down “news just came in that medusa has turned into stone” it worked the snake and medusa are dead. I knew i would beat her but… there was questions like is there another snake or would medusa still be alive.

Until then we were safe..

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