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The Fire Fairies

West Midlands, England

The Fire Fairies
  • The Fire Fairies

One cold and frosty day, Lizzi and Mia were eagerly awaiting night fall, because it was bonfire night, their favourite time of year. They were so excited that mum told them, "Go and play in the park to pass some time."

The two girls went to the park and played for about an hour before some older children came and said, "You babies should go and play somewhere else because we are telling ghost stories."

"we aren't scared" said Mia. So the two girls sat and listened to a story about evil fire fairies. When the story finished the two girls went home wondering if the story was true. They went straght into the garden where dad was about to light the fire, but the girls were aprehensive about the evil fairies. All night the girls sat around the fire but never saw a thing.

As the fireworks ended, they saw the fire was going out and started collecting twigs to try and keep the fire going.
"Elizabeth, Mia, come into the house now, it's time for bed." called mum from the kitchen.
The two girls had a warm drink and settled down, but never took their eyes off the fire.

Once upstairs they were disappointed they hadn't seen anything and were just about to get into bed when Lizzi spotted somthing in the shadows of the dancing fire.
"Look!" she called to Mia."There by our pile of twigs."

And there it was,a pixie-looking creature gathering up some of the twigs and putting them on the fire, making it roar once more. The girls watched it for a few more minutes and noticed it was not on its own, there were more and more gathering around the now blazing fire.

Once the house was quiet, the girls crept down stairs and out into the dark cold garden. They hid behind the shed and watched the pixies and fairies dancing in the light of the fire.
"They dont look evil to me," said Mia.
"Nor me," said Lizzi.
"I'm going over," said Mia.
"No you can't, they will be scared of us." Lizzi whispered, when she remembered the biscuits in her pocket she had kept from bed time. "Look, we can offer them food and they will know we won't hurt them," Lizzi said excitedly.

So the two girls came from around the shed and softly called to the creatures, some of them fled and some froze in fear. Lizzi laid the food down by the fire and sat down gently, Mia sat next to her. "I see you found the pile of twigs we gathered."
"Oh, yes, thank you," said the pixie from the tree branch that hadn't burned in the fire.
As the girls started talking, more and more came back, as they realised the girls were friendly.
"You must never tell anyone about this," warned the fairy with the gold and silver wings.
"Oh we won't, we won't."
As the fairies ate the food and warmed themselvs by the fire, the two girls smiled at each other.

"WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" Came a very angry voice from behind them. The girls froze, all the creatures disappeared and left them alone. The fire didn't seem so bright anymore and the air felt a lot colder.
"We,we we were just erm..." stuttered the girls.
"You were just nothing!" shouted mum. "Go into the house straight away you silly girls, its freezing cold. You could have burned yourself on the fire."
"But mum, we saw.."
"Saw? Saw what? I suppose you're going to tell me you've been sitting with the fire fairies next! You silly girls, get to bed, I don't want to hear your silly stories."

The girls stalked into the house. But as mum turned to the fire, she saw something dart out of sight into the bushes."Mice," she said, walking off into the house.

So, the next time you have a fire, try leaving some twigs and food out, you might just catch sight of the fire fairies, if youre lucky!

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A charming little story in the best tradition of children having their secret life which grown-ups can't believe in. Good use of language and speech. It appears well planned: the story does not meander off the point - all the action is relevant.

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