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The Enchanted Ring


The ring
  • The Enchanted Ring

Megan was a little tired as she walked home. She had been working hard all day at school and then had gone to her Auntie Janes with a message and a parcel from her mother. She hated school because she was known as Megan the Dreamer, because of her great imagination and was often bullied.

Now she had stayed too long talking with her cousin and it was getting dark and, yes, she would be in trouble yet again. Megan sighed, as she glanced up she saw a glowing light from the field beyond and heard the soft strains of music - music unlike any she had ever heard before.

Megan was a little afraid because she lived way out of town and it was dark. She had taken a short cut back from her aunt's house and very few people went this way.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she thought - no one will notice if I just carefully peep through the trees.

What a strange sight Megan witnessed. Dancing in a ring were the most beautiful young men and women in floaty clothes that caught the mild night breeze. At the side of the ring were musicians playing the strangest instruments.
Megan could only think they must be the fairy people because they were much smaller than humans.

Entranced Megan forgot her fear and approached the ring, to her surprise the dancers parted and she was drawn into the center of the ring. As they danced around her she felt a whirl of breeze and suddenly she was no longer in the field but in the most enchanting land of beautiful glistening lakes and woods. There were strange upright little houses around a larger castle. And streams full of rocks of gold that sparkled in the light.

Megan could not speak it was so beautiful. Here Megan stayed for a while and learned from the magical beings many of their secrets. They were very kind to her but she also learned that she could only return to her own world if she promised never to say a word of what she had seen or to take anything that belonged to the fairy people.

She promised solemnly and was shown the way back to her own world through a passage that brought her out near an old oak tree at the edge of the forest.

She hurried home to find little time had passed. From then on Megan made several trips to the fairy lands. Although she was allowed to take away nothing, she found the things she saw gave her great inspiration. She could write her school work so much easier now and was always full of ideas. She had a new glow and beauty about her that made some of the other girls jealous.

But Megan didn’t care, she had the best secret of all and some very special friends. Unfortunately her new confidence soon turned to arrogance. Megan felt herself superior to the others. She began to boast of a great secret that the others did not know.

One day they were playing truth and bluff and the girls were all trying to outdo each other when Megan forgot herself and said "All of your boasts are nothing, for I know where there is gold for the picking that glistens in a river.”You liar", said one of the girls, "if you knew that your'd be rich." "Just watch me, said Megan, I'll prove it, I'll bring some gold tomorrow."

With that she flounced off to the place where the portal was and found herself again in the fairy kingdom. After a little while Megan requested to be able to sit by the stream of gold. She sat a while and when sure that none of the little people were watching grabbed a gold stone from the river and put it in her pocket. She hurried to the portal hardly daring to breath and returned to her home.

A little ashamed she did not dare to glance at the gold stolen from the little people who had been so kind to her. But it would be worth it, thought Megan to silence the others once and for all.

The next day, the other girls crowded around her as Megan reached in her pocket but instead of gold she drew out only a sooty round ball that crumbled to dust in her hands. How the others laughed. "But it was gold, said Megan", I got it from the fairy lands." The others laughed even louder.

In great distress Megan ran to the portal but try as she might she could not find the small passage in the ground that always opened to let her through. Then Megan realised the dreadful truth she had lost not only her reputation but the very special friends who had helped her. Never again was Megan allowed into the fairy lands. Worst still she now had a new nickname - Megan the liar.

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Showcase story administrator comments

This is a well planned and written story, following an age old tradition, in which something magically special is given to a person on condition .... and eventually pride, boastfulness or curiosity etc overcomes the lucky person, who thereby destroys their gift.

One cannot help feeling sorry for the heroine, who suffers a double punishment!

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