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Dartwood Cemetery

A myth submitted to the site by Porche


On halloween three boys were planning what they were going to do so two of them decided they wanted to go to a cemetery. They didnt tell the third boy till the day of halloween. Before they chose there cemetery they looked for the one with the most paranormal activity - this was dartwood cemetery there was a web page about what happend when you sit on the mosoleum it said you would be pushed off. Only two boys knew this legend about what would happen they didnt tell the third boy.

That night they went to the cemetery the third boy didnt want to go in but they started taking the mick out of him so he went in. As they walked into the cemetery they felt as though some one was watching them, they walked up towards a grave it had a picture of an indian on it .this was on the web page too it said that he would watch you when your in there . they went further on into the cemetery one bent down to look at a grave then as he got up someone or something pulled is leg so he tripped over. The other boys thought he did this on purpose so he just ignored the fact they didnt believe him.

After walking around the cemetery for a bit they saw the mosoleum and the two that knew about the legend sat on it they told the third person that didnt know about the legend to come sit on it aswell nothing happend when the first two jumped of they left the third boy that didnt know on it and the air went tense and out of nowere from behind him something pushed him off . the other two boys stood there and said 'what just happpend?'
He said 'someone pushed me of'
The two boys turned round and looked at each other whilst the other boy was checking if there was anyone else there. They turned round and said to the third boy 'it works its true'
he said 'what is' 'then they told him about the legend then he said he was going to wait at the car for them.

When he was walking back to the car he could hear voices of children laughing and see shadows from the corner of his eye he turned round and something pushed him over thats when he ran back into one of his friends he asked where the first boy was and he said he wanted to check out some more graves. The first boy was walking around and he kept turning round as he could hear footsteps and vioces all around him. He saw the figure of the Indian man. after that he decided it was time to leave.

That night the second boy had a dream that he was in the cemetery when he woke up he thought this was a warning to stay away he never returned to the cemetery again.the next day the boys were at school and they were talking about what happend and they all said they saw something and felt something was there - they never talked of this again.

By Porche
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Name: Shane Edwards 21st May 2013
i think your story is cool
Name: Siddhartha 29th September 2010
ialso saw this eveninng in 'haunting'.it was the scariest episode i have ever seen in haunting.if i got a chance to go i will definitely go there and check this legend
Name: Ravin 22nd September 2010
Just yesterday i watched this show on "A haunting". It was really scary and i believe that such paranormal activities are still alive on this earth. Credit goes to those three boys who dared to do so. Again two boy and a girl tried to some evidence about mosoleum. They all three were pushed of. It is better to stay away from such places if you love your life.
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