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Wigan, Lancashire, England

The New Year had past. It was January the 1st.
‘Breaking News just in, Earth Scientist Mark Webster has just shared with us the unremarkable year were about to have. According to him we are not expected to reach 2010, in fact he said we were not expected to reach the end of the week. Here’s he’s story.

‘I have been working on this project for over 10 years. I have a remarkable team which have made impressive discoveries and through the previous studies that have happened were1 00% sure this will to. We have found that Global warming as hit it’s end, during this week it will enforce its great power and show us what its got, so all I can offer is prepare for the worst’

‘Thanks for that Mark You heard it here first on Washington@5, that’s all we have for now, we will be back tomorrow at 5, goodbye’.

The world was at its peak. The news spread so fast it was known within 20 minutes throughout towns. I had set off huge ciaos. What’s the point of doing anything? You might as well have the last days of life the best you ever had, but that didn’t come to people minds yes that came to some minds but also impact came to others. Shops all over the globe were robbed and smashed up. People were killed ever 5 seconds.

A day past and yet nothing happened. Except some people living on the edge wondering whether to step out there door’s in case they were killed. Another day went by and yet nothing, just the usual days, Rain, Sunshine, thundering, lightning. It was when the third day hit the world was blaming Mark Webster for the ending of the world.

Telling them what was about to happen made them destroy mankind them sleves not nature. Little did they know what was going on when doing this? Had people known that no speck of rain and dropped and that the sun was the hottest it had been for years. Little did they know the sea was dreadfully rising slowly? It was not until the 4th of January did they realise. Forest fires were set by the scorching sun and the sea had risen to 30 cm covering New York’s bed. Now it was happening.

The panicking kicked in. The world was so frightened they had no reason how to prepare for it. The night grew and storms unleashed turning the sea into a monster. Lighting struck killing thousands of people and the sea was rising even more. 5th of January and it was getting closer to the end. The afternoon nervously settled in. The people were waiting for the next event to come anxiously hoping it would stop. Huge bulging hale stones frashed the way into the earth. They were the size of tennis balls. They smashed through buildings citizen’s houses and through people’s bodies.

6th of January families prayed, linked together, holding each other close and never wanted to let go. Not long before the suppose final day. Amazingly the sea had return to its place and the days returned as normal. Could it of ended people thought.

The people of the world were so happy that it stopped and believed it ended, but disaster’s leave with a bang. 12am came. Town bells rang and then the earth began to shake. It didn’t stop 10 minutes going onto 15 minutes than 30 minutes it ended. The hold world was broken. Big huge cracks were made. They were so deep they cracked to the core. The core’s magma flowed up the crack’s splashing out like a water fountain. It was coming the end. All they needed now was a huge wipe-out. There was.

The sea rose so high it seemed like it was touching the sky. It just travelled round the world killing everything in its path. EVERYTHING.

2014. The sea had dried up. The world just seemed like a desert. There were no humans at all, not one, but they were organisms and cells. Which had created something? Something that was here before us. Dinosaurs. Yes they were walking the earth again. Could this be the world starting all over?

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