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  • Wizards

It all happened 65 million years ago. Burin and Marty were brothers and not to mention wizards. These two were the only people alive along with the great dinosaurs. Their mother and father died when they were both 18 and, since then, they have not got on. They lived opposite one another in small cottages.

Once or maybe twice a week they would send magical pranks to each other, such as a broom in a box which, when opened, starts whacking you and a rainbow bomb, which explodes with paint splattering everywhere. One day they both thought the same thing, which was to rule the world on their own with no other human around them. They then went on to think how to this. They both took 4 really long days of thinking and planning.

Their plans were to have a dual - not knowing they had decided on the same thing. So, as Burin went to knock on Marty’s door, Marty was about to knock on Burin’s door, so they both met in between their homes. They told each other their plans and agreed to do it, 'When the sun rises tomorrow.' The day came and it was time to see who would be the ruler of the world.

Stepping 200 yards from one another, they began the dual. Burin chucked an ice blade at Marty, but Marty used his shockwave which blasted it to pieces. Now it was Marty’s turn. He built up an energy ball and threw it at Burin. Luckily he dodged it. 30 minutes had passed and still they had not laid a scratch on each other. Burin had a good idea. So did Marty. Burin started to build up his power to everything he had and Marty did the same thing.

They finally released their powers - shooting them at one another. Their powers met in the middle and started to create a huge blue oracle. One minute later and the blue oracle was the size of a T-Rex. None of them wanted to give up. But the oracle blew. They both went flying to the ground. The oracle give a sudden woosh around the earth.

Now the earth started to shake and from the ground came lava. It spread all over the land destroying everything in its sights, including all the dinosaurs. The wizards came round from their fall to the ground. They both stood on high ground where the lava couldn’t reach. They looked at each other with disappointment. Suddenly the sky drew dark and a huge rock bowled from the deep shadow, racing down towards the earth. The rock hit, wiping everything from the earth.

Five thousand years later and the earth was still empty, but cells from all the dead living things had combined into to special cells. 200 years later, the cells had grown stronger and bigger until they were eventually transformed into two humans. Now mankind was again walking the earth.

That is the story of two wizards, who killed the first mankind, destroyed the earth, killed the dinosaurs and finally made a better mankind until this day is still going. BUT WHEN WILL IT END?

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This is a fun myth, explaining the end of dinosaurs and the start of the present human race, with a well thought out process of "equal and opposite"! Enjoyable style to read.

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