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Why Crows are Black

One day mr turkey and mr crow were fighting. Mr crow had a beautiful white skin while the turkey was yery ugly.So mr
turkey said hey mr crow lets stop fighting and be friends
we will meet at the park and we will make a deal to become
friends and mr crow agreed.

Mr crow flew to the park suprised that mr turkey was waiting for him.Mr turkey and mr crow agreed they will play inside dark paint and wash themselves up.While they were playing mr crow got tired and went to wash himself up
but the paint did not come off.

Other crows saw it and thought it was beautiful and rubbed black paint on themselves ,they later got tired of it and trid to remove it and it didn't come off ,mr crow
laughed at them ,and told them that didn't i warn you but
you didn't listen now you are trying to rub it of good luck trying that.

That is how the young of the crows became black and it past on and they now all have black feathers up to date.

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