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A myth submitted to the site by Daryl Torkington

Wigan, Lancashire, England

He had no choice to run. It was either that or to be beaten alive. His breath taken in and out every second. His heart like a racing drum. Soon his breath started to run out. He had to rest. He stopped near by a old Hazard waste factory. He could hear the voices coming closer. So he squeezed through a hole in the factory entrance. He ran towards a old crummy building. Looking behind he could see them standing staring at him.

Once in the building he looked for a place to hide. He searched the first floor, the second, the third and still no place to go. He then went into the factory were the waste was dealt with. There was machines in there but not working. He managed to get behind a fuel control machine in the corner. He listened out. 2 minutes later footsteps were heard and then slight whispers were spoke. His heart began to race again. The voices were now calling for him to come out. 5 minutes past and he was not found. The voices had stopped along with the footsteps.

He waited little more minutes just to make sure they had gone. He came from behind the machine. He could see that the sun was descending slowly and the night sky was quietly approaching. I think it was time he went home he thought.

Suddenly as he was about to exit the factory three lads came from the shadows. ‘Hello Billy boy’ one of them spoke. ‘We’ve been looking for you and now we have found you, what to do what to do, I know I think we will pound on ya, GET HIM’. What could he do? There was a stairway aside of him leading up what seem to be another quick exit out of here. He dashed up the stairs to get out, but what he thought was a way out was just a balcony. There was another room across the hall so he ran towards there but was stopped by the lads. ‘Got you now’. They walked towards him clenching there fist.

Billy walked backwards and leaned on a broken wall. They got closer and closer. One of the lads then threw a punch but as it was about to clobber Billy, the wall broke forcing Billy to go flying through it. The lads face’s dropped. Billy was now struggling in a big hole of toxic waste in the ground. The lads ran to watch this happen and stood with ability to talk or move. Billy asked for help but no assistant’s did there frozen bodies give. Soon later Billy had gone under.

After the trauma had gone the leader of the boys replied with a snarky comment. ‘No one will know he’s gone. He was a no body. If it does come out, it will soon pass over, come on guys lets go’. The other two boys looked at him with regret. They were both stunned. They finally exited the building and walked there way back home.

It was the morning after. Billy’s mum had been searching for Billy over 6 hours and still no sign of him. She was really worried. At Billy’s school no one knew of the going’s on that happened yesterday except the three lads, Michael the leader of the gang, Jonathan and Murdock the followers. The boys who did this terrible thing. Soon the bell rang and classed started. Murdock had English and Billy use to always sit next to him. He couldn’t do his work, he kept thinking about the look on Bill’s face as he was drowning. He kept thinking how he could of helped him.

Then there was a sudden knock at the door. Walked in was a tallish boy, with brown hair and eyes. Murdock’s face dropped as like he saw a ghost. In this case it was. The boy was Billy. He was not dead. ‘Sorry I’m late Mrs, OOer slept’. Billy locked eyes with Murdock as he walked to his seat. Billy have of a grin as he sat down. Murdock then spoke ‘I’m sorry for what for not helping but I was in a shock, I could not move’.

Billy looked back at him ‘ It’s okay it’s the best thing that’s happed to me so far’. Murdock starred at him with confusion. Then bill used directions with his eyes to tell Murdock to look down at his hands. Murdock did. He starred. Then all of a sudden fire grew from his hand, then switched to water, then a small tornado then finally lightning. Billy had gained powers.


By Daryl Torkington
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Latest comments:
Name: Victoria 30th September 2011
very good I like it.
Name: Ads 17th June 2011
fantastic work
Name: Daryl Torkington 1st February 2009
i have made many more of these chapters, here are some teasers,Some close to Billy also has powers,Billy's parents have a secret,Evil guy shows up, diaster in town, mythical creatures invade from book, Will billy die or not - read on find out!!!!!!
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