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Ability Part 3

A myth submitted to the site by Daryl Torkington

Wigan, Lancashire, England

(Billy has special powers after surviving falling into a toxic Vat and has used them on the boys that were bullying him - now his story continues.)

'Billy honey your gonna miss your bus, you better get up'. Billy woke thinking another day at school. But instead of being picked on everything should just run smoothly today.

As he walked in school he over heard some lads talking. 'Yes I heard they have all moved, gone to different schools'
He wondered what they were talking about so he went over and asked who these people were.
'Michael,Jonathan and Murdock, they've gone to different schools, what a great day this is' the lad said. Now his day had started of brilliantly. It was math. Mary also was in this class.

The numbers, division's and subtractions flew right over Billy's head as he gazed at the beauty of Mary. He wanted to do something instead of just staring at her every day. So as the end of lesson bell rang he aprroached her and started to speak to her. At dinner time he also hung around with her as they shared interest and hobbies.

'So whats in that book you carry there' Billy asked her.
'It's just things I like to know about' She replied showing the book to Billy. It had mythical things in there, creature, monsters, dragons and people. 'Yes the one thing I did not know is that people with abilities are mythical' she said. Billies eyes widened as if she knew his secret. He then said 'So your in to all this ability stuff'. She stared at him pausing for a second.
'Yes thats the best part of the book and i still believe that people with abilities are around'.

Billy started to go nervous. 'Ye' he replied, 'around'. As the day ended Billy went home thinking about the stuff Mary had told and showed him. He wondered if there was any more of his kind around. Well she did say that abilites were mythical. Just as he thought, his dogs again began to bark.

Instead of looking through the window he ran out the backdoor. He stood facing a person. A person he had never seen before. They both stood facing one another for about 10 seconds untill the person spoke. 'Im here to help you'. Billy stood confused.Then spoke back 'Why would I need help'.

'It's coming and your not strong enough to battle it alone, so im here to help you destroy it'. Billy was still confused and was wondering what was coming but as he went to ask the person, know one stood there. The man had gone. Then as Billy went to walk in his house the man's voice muffled from the silent night 'We will start training soon'.

(Part 4 - Billy trains his ability and a mythical thing smithers around the school)

By Daryl Torkington
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