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Many many years ago Dragmo lived in a cold, dark, icy cave. Dragmo has big pointy spikes on his back. He has a massive pointy face and a scaly body. He has pointy toes and big dirty feet. He looked very frightening.

One day there was a girl named Sammy she was out picking flowers. When she herd a roar sammy didnt know what it was so she walked forward until she saw a big, hairy dragon called Dragmo she didnt like him that much he scared her.

He roared and roared and and screamed l am going to eat you up now ha ha ha. Oh no your not said Sammy your going to stay here why l run home and get some food becaUse you dontwont to eat me I don't taste very nice. You want proper food like chicken, chocolate, meat and lots more. So you let me go and I,ll go home and get more food and bring it back here and you can eat it Sammy said.

No all I wont is you and my tummy is rumbling so come, come to me I'm getting hungry. Ok Draqgmo said Go home and get the food and I wOn't eat you, I'll let you live.

So Sammy ran all the way home and told her Mum and Dad. They were very cross that Sammy had been to the cave when was dark. Sammy told them about Dragmo and that she had tricked him. He thought she had come home to get him some food. Her Mum and dad said they must sort this out and take Dragmo some food back or he might scare somebody else or even eat them. So her Mum and Dad packed a picnic basket full of food and took it to Dragmo they told him that he could stay living in the cave and they would send food for him everyday. But if he ever scared or tried to eat another child again then they would get the whole Town to chase him out the cave and he would have to leave.

Dragmo said ok you have a deal. Sammy took food to Dragmo everyday and they became best friends. Some people say that Dragmo still lives in thhe Cave today and Sammy's grandchildren now take him his food and he has never scared anybody since Sammy.

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