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Wizards 2 - Kill The Wizard, Save the World

A myth submitted to the site by Daryl Torkington

Wigan, Lancashire, England

(This is a new adventure about two wizards Marty and Burin. It carries on from where the wizards had a fight and caused the destruction of the dinosaurs and most things on earth.)

When we thought the last of them had died out. When we thought no more major could rejoin the earth. Well we was wrong.

It all happened 15 million years ago when the caveman and the wooly mammoths walked the earth. It was a hot scorching day. The cavmen hunted prey to feed their families. The mammoths stood around like figurines.

But somewhere else near there fall land a process began to take place. A speck of light broke in the mid air then began to grow into a huge engergy ball. It floated to the
earth then softly landed on the ground. The engergy ball began to fade and from it came to people. They were dressed in rhobes and carried a stick.

Well thinking they came together they didn't see to like one another. The two people were men. They just stood facing one another glaring into one another's eye's. One spoke 'So Burin, here we are again'. The other
replied 'Yes we are Marty are you ready to be wiped from the earth'. Then at that moment they clenched there fist as ready to attack, but instead Burin waved is wand and appearing infront of him was a broom. He quickly jumped on it and flew towards the cavemen town. Marty did the same and chased Burin. Marty wafted his wand and shot lightning at Burin. He managed to dodge them as he shot back aswell. Marty also managed to dodge them.

They were now at he cavemen town. Burin shot down to the ground and quickly got of his broom. He ran into a cave. Marty did not see him going in, so he searched around the town for him. Whilst in the cave Burin met a young woman named Lucy. He stayed and chatted with her for a while but was distracted by the dreadful noise coming from the town.

Both, Burin and Lucy went to see what all the commotion was. There standing blewing up caves and wooden machines with his powers was Marty. He spotted Burin. 'I thought if you wont fight me i might aswell take over'. Burin looked in lucy's eye and could see she was scared.

'Everything's going to be okay he said to her' whilst grabbing out his wand. He pointed it as Marty and shot a red spark at him. Marty went flying into a cave wall. He regain his self and stood up. 'No,No,No,No,No,No' he said whilst shooting his powers at Burin. It hit him and he went flying into a wooden built house. 'No' Lucy cried as she ran to him. Marty came walking over laughing. Then he pushed Lucy out the way and pointed the wand at Burin.
'Bye'Bye' he said to him whilst building up enegry in his wand. Then as soon as went to shoot his deathly powers at Burin, Lucy ran and pushed Marty over making Burin to gather strenght to get up.

Lucy held Burin so he wouldnt fall and Marty was getting up yet again laughing. 'Good one' he said poiting to Lucy. Then starred at Burin and smiled 'Got your self a little girlfriend hey'. People came out from there hidings to see what actions he would take next. Marty, looked around at all the people then forced his head at Lucy's direction. Then laughed. 'What do you' but before she could finish
of her sentence Marty blasted at her with his wand. Burin dropped to the floor with no help and then started to crawl to Lucy. She lay stith on the floor. He felt her
pulse and it was not beating. Marty had killed her. Burin rested his head on her then used all his strength to get up. 'Marty, me and you' Burin said.

People ran in as thye both stood like cowboys facing one another. soon the town streets were empty. There started to rise there wands and now Burin was giving of a smile. Martyshot the first shot but it missed Burin. Then Burin shot back but he missed Marty as well. Marty started to do something magical in the sky. Burin watched the sky as it turned into a red and yellow swirling whirlpool and then shooting out of it were big bulgeing pointy sharp diamonds heading his way. Burin quickly put a shield round himselve.
The big diamonds smashed all around him.

'How about my turn ' Burin said whilst doing something
in the sky as well but Marty now had a chance. As the sky turned yellow and the sand blew in the wind. Marty quickly shot a laser at him knocking once again to the floor. Burin did not move. Marty walked to him. 'Remember when we had the little chat about taking over the world, it looks
like i won'.The towns people came out and Burin walked off, but then from the shadows of him rose Burin.

The town started to cheer and Marty thought it was because he killed Burin but he then turned to see Burin standing there. Marty then laughed. Burin just starred at him with vegence. Marty was slyly building up his powers in his wand but so was Burin. silence and tension wondered around them. The churping on the vultures roamed the sky then all was broke as they bothshot at each other. they didnt let go. 'Give up now, Burin or you'll know what will happen' Marty said.

'You can not get me twisted in your little scams, Im not letting go. There powers still roamed in mid air at one another. Electric sparks shot at the floor, wall and the sky. Burin started to remember tatics from a wizard craft book he had. When in a dual think of all the bad stuff thats happened to you a quote from Burin's head read. So he did he thought of all the things Marty had done. Killed his mini dinosaur when he was young, killed there father, made his mothers life a misery and now killed Lucy.

The color of Burin's power started to go bright blue and he began to push both of there powers in Martys direction.
Back they went, back, back and then they hit him. Marty flew of into the sky. Burin and the whole town watched as he faded in the sunlight.

Burin was a little weak and proud for what he had done and the town's people came to congratulate him. After all his congrats a little girl runs over tugging at him and pointing to something floating in mid air. Burin's eyes widened as starred at the diaster that he knew was going to happen. It was another oracle. The towns people started to get afraid and looked at Burin to see if he knew what to do.

Burin starred at the desprate people's
eyes. Then a flashback appeared in his head. He was looking in a book. It was something on Oracles. He could remeber one simple passage.'One wizard soul is the key to ungentating the Oracle'. That's when Burin knew what to do. The town's people watched as he walked towards the Oracle. He waved goodbye and got into it. The towns people watched as he struggled with the takings of his powers and the slow death the oracle was causing. Soon the oracle disspeared. Along with Burin.He saved them and the best of all. He saved the world.

Three weeks later and the spot were Burin saved mankind lay a tree with flowers growing around it.

By Daryl Torkington
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  • abikl.txt Marty and Burin are back to cause more mayhem and once again trying to take over the world but again they create something drastic

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Name: Dan 2nd March 2009
good job dude
but why does it have such a low rating?
Name: Torie Melling 18th February 2009
I love this story to pieces, why dont you consider becoming an author because you are the best thing thats on here now. Please make a third one and had some more charcters. Well done xx
Name: Ian 18th February 2009
You rock man!
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