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A Dead Rose


There was once a girl named Liathra. She was so beautiful, all the local town's men found her attractive. She had been asked by many men to marry them, but all the men that asked her were no longer living. For you see, Liathra's heart already belonged to somebody else, or so he thought.

King Finer, he was the cruelest of all kings. He didn't care about anyone, anyone but Liathra. Liathra meant the world to him, so in cautiousness he would kill every man who wanted Liathra.

One day Liathra was walking down a stream, King Finer would have followed her, only he was terribly sick. So he asked his gaurds to watch over her, and to kill any man that wants her hand in marraige. King Finer warned his gaurds. "If she falls close to a man, I will take your heads and sever your bodies!" So in this warning his gaurds killed every man that talked to Liathra.

But one day Liathra came across a handsome man, both Liathra and the handsome man, Koke, were both married inside their hearts. Liathra knew the danger to Koke and feared for his life and their love together. So in anger she went to King Finer, and told him to not go near the man she loved. But in this King Finer was well very fast, and as fast as he could go he took a sword and went after Koke, with Liathra racing after him saying. "Don't kill him, please let him live!.....I love him!" But this only made King Finr more angry, so he went even quiker and found Koke. King Finer started swinging his sword, and beacause his rage was so much, he accidently cut off Liathra's head.

Liathra screamed out, from all the pain. She couldn't believe King Finer, he had just cut her head off. And after a couple of more screeches, she died. So in anger Koke grabbed the sword and said to King Finer. "I won't let you have the pleasure of killing me!" And Koke kiled himself.
So in the end King Finer lost and remained an old bitter man.

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