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Cactasus's Quest

A myth submitted to the site by Hamdani Azmi

Yang Ming Shan, Taipei, Taiwan

Once there lived a man called Cactasus. He lived on the island of Crete, in a small cottage, in the countryside.

Cactasus had a great talent. He could sing so beautifully it affected people in many ways. His dark, black hair was like a starless sky. He was so muscular and strong some people called him ‘antman’. One punch or kick would send you soaring into the air. Cactasus was so attractive that he not only attracted women but also men.
One day as Cactasus was about to go out and hunt for food, his friend Alexander came running up to him.
“I have a message for you, Cactasus!” said Alexander.
“Who it is from?” asked Cactasus.
“The king of Olympia, King Fancer, let me read it out to you.”
“Dear Cactasus of Crete, the fierce monster Dix has started to attack us, but the problem is that he attacks when we are asleep. Even if we send out guards to spot him, the next day they’re dead. Please come as soon as you get my message.”
Regards, King Fancer

“I’d better leave tomorrow!” exclaimed Cactasus.

The next day Cactasus started his journey to Olympia. On his way he met an old lady.
“Young man, can you come here please,” croaked the old lady.
“Sure, and he went to the old lady in two strides.
“Can you please carry me to Olympia, I am too tired to walk,” asked the old lady politely.
“Ok, anyway I am going to Olympia,” answered Cactasus.
He picked her up and put her on his back.
Three hours later they arrived at Olympia.
“Thanks kid, I don’t know how to ever repay you,” croaked the old lady.
“Its okay, do you need any more help?” asked Cactasus.
“No, you can continue your quest.”
I wonder how she knew I was on a quest, wondered Cactasus.
He then went to the king’s castle and saw his daughter. In an instant they both fell in love with each other.

Cactasus met the king, “Welcome, my name is King Fancer, you better get to sleep if you want to be ready for that monster in the night-time,” said King Fancer, full of energy.

“Okay,” answered Cactasus and with that he went to his room and slept.
Later he had a dream. The goddess Athena appeared in his dream. “Hey Cactasus, remember the old women you helped, that was just me testing your kindness. You passed my test. In return I will help you on your quest. When you wake up you will find a bottle of wine, a cup of snake venom and an empty bottle. Mix the wine and snake venom together then pour it in the empty bottle. Put some of it on you body, pour some on your eyes and drink the rest of it. If you follow what I say you will not be hypnotized by the hypnotic swirls on his face, you will not hurt your mouth and vomit because of his stinky, unbrushed and yellow teeth and you will not be hurt when he puts the fire of hell under you, when he rolls on top of you and when he pricks you with his spiky, green hair, and you will also find a spear and a shield. That is for fighting Dix.” He then woke up and saw everything Athena mentioned. He then did everything Athena told him to do, took the spear and shield and went out to the field.

Five minutes later Cactasus felt the ground shaking. The hideous beast Dix approached him with his eleven eyes. His spiky green hair shone under the moonlight. When Dix opened his mouth and showed his stinky, unbrushed and yellow teeth all the flowers wilted then died. His two ugly, monster-like hands snarled at Cactasus and started to attack him.

“Umm, you look lovely and delicious,” growled Dix.
“Don’t you dare try to eat me!” and with that Cactasus started to charge at Dix. Dix started to roll towards Cactasus but Cactasus jumped and struck the ferocious monster with his spear. The spear simply bounced of Dix and broke in half because of his thick blubber. Suddenly Cactasus smelt smoke and looked down. His feet were on fire. Athena saw this and sent a force of wind and blew out his fire. Dix kicked Cactasus’s shield and broke it into a thousand pieces.

Cactasus then charged away into the darkness. Dix followed him and searched for him.
“Come out, come out wherever you are,” bellowed Dix, shaking the ground beneath him. Suddenly the ferocious monster heard something.
“La la la la la la lalala la.” It sounded like Cactasus.
“La la la la la la la.” The monster suddenly turned into stone then was crushed into dust.

King Fancer ran out of his castle and was overjoyed by the fact that the monster was dead.
“Well done boy, I am so proud of you!” exclaimed King Fancer.
“Thanks!” answered Cactasus
“You may have a wish, anything you like,” said the king.
“May I marry you daughter?”
“Sure. Andrea! Andrea!” shouted King Fancer.
“Yes daddy.” Answered Andrea
“I want you to meet your new husband, Cactasus,” said the king.
When Andrea heard that name she smiled.
The next day they married.
“I am so proud of you,” cried King Fancer.
After that day husband and wife lived happily ever after.
The End

By Hamdani Azmi
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